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Disgraceful scenes at Gazimestan: Police search a nun, one person arrested, Serbian flag confiscated

Kosovo police previously blocked the main road in Gracanica (the site of the Battle of Kosovo, fought on June 28, 1389 by the Serbian Kingdom against invading Ottoman Turks)

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The so-called Kosovo police arrested a man in Gazimestan, where Serbs are marking Vidovdan (St. Vitus Day) - after he protested against the police searching an Orthodox nun. A Serbian flag was also seized, writes Kosovo Online.

According to reports, the young man, who came from Podgorica, Montenegro, made his objections known to the police, saying what they were doing was wrong because this was a nun, after which the Kosovo police special forces arrested him. The young man was then taken in the direction of Pristina.

Gazimestan, hapšenje

Photo: Kosovo Online

The Kosovo police previously blocked the main road in Gracanica, and they were also checking all persons entering the yard of the memorial complex in Gazimestan, where "dozens of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija" gathered to celebrate Vidovdan, reports Pristina newspaper Koha Ditore.

The Kosova Press says that members of the Kosovo police seized t-shirts from some young Serb men at the entrance to Gazimestan, which they considered provocative and which they saw as "incitement to hatred."

According to Koha Ditore, the Kosovo police, KFOR and UNMIK members "are taking care of safety and respect of order in Gazimestan."

The police previously blocked the main road in Gracanica, forcing citizens to use alternative roads, leading to long lines of vehicles  forming.

Patriarch ahead of memorial service: If we lose our roots, we lose everything


Serbian Patriarch Profirije arrived at Gazimestan a little before 1 pm, and just before the beginning of the memorial service (for the Serbian soldiers fallen in 1389), he addressed those gathered at the Monument to the Heroes of Kosovo and told them that "if we lose our roots and our spiritual identity, we lose everything."

"Then we can be a shapeless mass from which almost anything can be moulded," said the patriarch and recalled that the symbol of Prince Lazar's army going into battle against the Ottoman Empire was the defense of an identity.

"It is a New Testament battle, for us the Kosovo Covenant is a new covenant, or the Kosovo feat, a feat of transformation and growth in Christ, in everything that's good and virtuous, that is why Vidovdan is important today as a holiday, but it is important to mention that covenant in the way of Lazar, in the Christian way," the patriarch is quoted by the Kossev portal.

He stressed that the Kosovo Covenant did not aim to eliminate and erase anyone else, on the contrary, it was to establish those gospel values ​​that can all intersect in two coordinates - the love of God with all one's being, and the love of other people whoever they are, as one feels towards oneself.

"And if that is not the case, then it is a sign that we still need to grow in Christ," the patriarch stressed and added that if we are authentic and true Serbs, we will not have a problem with anyone, reports Tanjug.

Patriarch Profirije arrived at Gazimestan accompanied by several bishops, among whom Bishop Teodosije and Metropolitan Joanikije, and stressed that the goal of the Kosovo Covenant is not to eliminate anyone, but to send out "the coordinates of love."

Patrijarh Porfirije u Gračanici, Gračanica

Photo: Tanjug/Office for Kosovo and Metohija/ VLADIMIR ZARKOVIC

The patriarch was earlier in the monastery of Gracanica (in the Serb enclave in Kosovo and Metohija) where he said that every time we come to Kosovo and Metohija, we know deep inside that we have come back home.

"Each time we come to this land, we know it deeply that we have returned to our fatherland. This holy Gracanica, Visoki Decani, the Patriarchate of Pec, the (church of) Our Lady of Ljevis testifies to that, so many saints testify that this is our home," the patriarch said during the liturgy served to mark Vidovdan.


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