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(DISTURBING) Horrific photos of torture: Belivuk and Miljkovic took pictures along mutilated victims

Serbia has seen horrific photos

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Veljko Belivuk

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Photos of Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljkovic cruelly torturing their victims were revealed to the public last night. The photos show the worst form of abuse.

Several photos show Belivuk and Miljkovic posing with weapons and cocktails. There were also photos of cocaine the police seized from the "Velja Nevolja," i.e., Veljko Belivuk's clan. Finally, several photos shown them posing with their mutilated and tortured victims.

Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin commented on the photos of mutilated and decapitated bodies that have also been shown to the families of the victims of Veljko Belivuk, to say that something like this would never happen again.

"This is a mutilated body, a headless corpse. These are the feet of this man... Those are murderers and scum who don't deserve to ever be released. What you saw has been shown to the families," Vulin said on the HitTvit talk show, and added that the photos were presented to them during the interrogation and that some did not want to look at them, while some members of the clan vomited, and some claimed that they were being set up.

Vulin repeated several times that both the victims and the perpetrators of the crimes in the photos, which were shown on several occasions during the show, were Partizan supporters.

During last week, SBPOK members arrested Bojan Hrvatin as a member of Veljko Belivuk's organized crime group. Hrvatin was arrested in Belgrade after operative work and collection of material evidence. Veljko Belivuk and members of his group were brought in for questioning again as the investigation was extended to include two more murders, in addition to those for which proceedings are already underway.

While most suspects have chosen to remain silent, Marko Miljkovic decided to speak in his defense.

"That clan has existed for too long and now they are in prison and will not be released from prison for the rest of their lives. We know what their goal is, and that is to tarnish the Ministry of the Interior and all the operatives who are working on the case," said Aleksandar Vulin, regarding the defense of Marko Miljkovic.

He stressed that members of the Interior Ministry (MUP) are constantly receiving threats from members of Belivuk's and Miljkovic's clan. He added that it is very important that such crimes are not relativized and politicized in any way.

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