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Djerlek: We will soon come out with new vaccination incentives, 4th Covid wave will be very strong

"If it was my call, I would introduce mandatory vaccination for everyone," says the state secretary in the Ministry of Health

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Photo: Tanjug/Nikola Andjic

State Secretary in the Ministry of Health Dr. Mirsad Djerlek says that the state will come out with a package of new measures to stimulate vaccination in the coming days, as well as that he is personally in favor of mandatory vaccination of everyone.

"It's evident that the fourth wave of coronavirus will be very strong if we don't increase the percentage of vaccination, and that is why the state is preparing a series of measures to stimulate vaccination. The state will present all the details in the coming days. And if it was my call, I would introduce mandatory vaccination for all citizens," - says Djerlek and adds:

"In the previous 200-250 years, immunization has saved countries and the planet, and that is the only way to fight epidemics. There is a serious risk that a vaccine-resistant mutant will emerge by delaying vaccination. And that is why we try in every way to immunize as many people as possible in the shortest possible time."

He pointed out that initially it was thought having 60 percent of people vaccinated was enough for collective immunity, and now that number is already 80 percent.

"With this hesitation with vaccination, we have increased the threshold for collective immunity by 20 percent. Mandatory vaccination is my personal opinion, and of course, the main word about what is the best thing to do best will be given by professionals and the state leadership, which will look to make sure that we suffer as little damage as possible when it comes to the population's health, but also the economy without which everything we've worked on is impossible to implement," Dr. Djerlek told the daily Kurir.

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