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Dragica Gasic wants to stay in Djakovica despite Albanian attacks: They won't even let her buy food

My only wish was to return to where I lived and gave birth to two children, and I did that, says Dragica

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Dragica Gašić, Kosovo i Metohija, Đakovica

Printscreen/Kosovo Online

"The Kosovo police are in front of the building and the apartment 24 hours a day, so I haven't had any problems in the last few days, because the attacks have temporarily stopped. In any case, I've decided to stay here no matter what."

With these words, the first Serb returnee to Djakovica Dragica Gasic conveyed her feelings, after being the target of Albanian attack for days after she returned to her apartment.

In addition to throwing rocks at her windows, banging on her door, putting up posters showing women with their throats slit, Dragica was even banned from buying groceries in a store near the building.

"I am currently in Klina, I'm buying groceries and things for the apartment thanks to the money given to me by the (Serbian Government's) Office for Kosovo and Metohija," Dragica told the daily Novosti.

She added that her friend Vuksan Gojkovic keeps her company. On several occasions Albanians punctured tires on his car because of the help he provides to Dragica. This man says he is determined to continue helping her. Dragica stresses that she has returned to her apartment and her town.

"My only wish was to return to where I lived and gave birth to two children, and I did that. I know that I've never wronged anyone and I think that no one should be bothered by my decision," concluded this returnee to Djakovica, who, in spite of all the trouble she has faced so far, is determined to stay in her own home.

12,500 Serbs lived in the municipality of Djakovica until 1999, while today, three nuns and Dragica Gasic are the only Serb women in this town where Albanians are trying to erase all traces of Serbdom.

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