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New trend in Belgrade: Foreigners are returning, renting apartments from 700 to several thousand €

Foreigners are most often looking for apartments that are in popular locations such as Belgrade Waterfront or A Block

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The coronavirus pandemic last year stopped the movement and arrival of foreigners in Serbia, but this summer the situation is improving, as evidenced by statistics according to which foreigners are returning to Belgrade to live and work and are renting apartments with a monthly rent reaching from 700 up to several thousand euros.

"If we look at the year behind us, the demand for apartments was at a minimal level due to the pandemic. The current situation on the market is much better and the demand has significantly activated and increased because people have started working from the office again, students are returning, while foreign citizens are looking for apartments in Belgrade. Commercial demand has increased by as much as 40% and they are ready to pay rent of more than 700 euros a month," says City Expert agency's Dijana Denchev.

According to her, foreigners most often look for apartments that are in popular locations such as Belgrade Waterfront or A Block because these are so-called condos that have additional amenities within the complex such as swimming pools, gyms and saunas. She added that luxury apartments in Dedinje in the municipality of Savski Venac are also very popular, due to the proximity of embassies and foreign schools.

According to her, foreigners who come to Belgrade are divided into several groups, from those who hold high positions in foreign companies, programmers, to those who come as construction workers.

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"The group of foreigners who are in high positions in foreign companies come to work in Belgrade with their families and that is why they are looking for bigger apartments near foreign schools. They mostly stay in Belgrade for more than a year," says the agent.

She added that there is a large group of IT experts from abroad who are looking for smaller apartments because they come alone and look for well-equipped apartments in popular complexes that they change every six months, while there are workers on construction sites looking for apartments near work, where a number of them live together.

"The rental price of such apartments varies, but it ranges from 700 to several thousand euros per month," Dencev points out.

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