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Ethno villages were discovered by foreigners, and now they are also popular among domestic tourists

The epidemiological situation has contributed to ethno villages in Serbia rising at an incredible speed to the top of the list of places to visit

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Etno selo Sirogojno

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Ethno villages in Serbia are beautiful complexes for rest and relaxation. These are a kind of open-air museums, where you can relax your body and soul, whether you like active or passive vacationing.

In our country, there are more and more such resorts that take visitors back to some far gone times, where they can feel the authentic spirit of old Serbia, when Kilim rugs covered the beds, and families gathered around the hearth.

Before the pandemic, ethno villages could not boast of a large number of Serbian tourists. Mostly foreigners came, enthusiastic about nature and local food.

But, as the borders got closed last year and travel abroad was prevented, our people started visiting ethno villages more and more, and as they say, that will become their future habit.

The fact is that nothing can replace relaxation and enjoyment in a peaceful place, surrounded by beautiful nature and give us back positive energy, like staying in an ethno village can.


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People who choose ethno villages as mini-vacation destinations every year say that they are thrilled, because they have everything in one place.

"The children are happy, because they have their own space and access to animals that they do not have the opportunity to see in the city," Suzana Ilic, a mother of two, tells Telegraf.

She adds that ethno villages are an ideal option when you don't have time to go to the seaside, and want to take a break from everything.

Serbia is full of ethno villages with a perfect combination of authentic traditional ambience and modern content, peace and numerous activities.

These are the three most visited ethno villages in Serbia.

1. Rajski Konaci

Just two hours by car from Belgrade, near Gornji Milanovac, there is a complex in Leusici that provides amazing moments for rest. Rajski Konaci are tucked away and hidden in the shade of an old plum orchard. This ethno paradise is bordered by streams and springs of drinking water, and offers a complete vacation all year round.

The interior of each accommodation unit is authentic, and each contains everything you need for a pleasant stay. In 2010, the Tourist Organization of Serbia declared this ethno village the most beautiful in the entire country.

2. Ethno village Tiganjica

Built from the ground up in a typical Banat style, the ethno village Tiganjica perfectly evokes the way of life in that northern Serbia region. It is located about 60 kilometers from Belgrade, near Zrenjanin.

In Tiganjica, you can just walk and enjoy clean air, and you can also ride horses, while children enjoy a playground with a variety of content, and ponies. To the sound of the tamboura, you can try making shepherd's stew or fish soup yourself, or at least enjoy eating them.

This place is special because of the beautiful surroundings, including the special nature reserve Carska Bara.

3. Ethno village Babina Reka

The ethno village of Babina Reka is located 70 kilometers from Belgrade, in the suburban municipality of Lazarevac - a true and proud representative of the natural beauty characteristic of the central Sumadija region. The property of the ethno village Babina Reka is tucked away at the end of a hamlet, so if you need a vacation where you will not hear car sirens or any type of commotion, this is the right place for you.

One of the main attractions here is the so-called "Bench of Lovers" next to which there is a terrace with large barrels that used to hold plums for making brandy. Today, they have been turned into a space for having domestic drinks and tasting delicious food.

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