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Filipovic: "Montenegro didn't want to fight until the end, but that's their business"

The impression is the Montenegrins calculated in order to get a weaker - at least on paper - opponent in the quarterfinals

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Olimpijske igre 2020, Tokio, vaterpolo reprezentacija Srbije

Photo: Tanjug/AP

"Each game in this tournament was important, each one revealed and uncovered some things, and this one showed that we are on the right path in terms of our approach and our defense," Serbian water polo team's captain Filip Filipovic said after the victory over Montenegro.

The Serbians defeated the Montenegrins 14-5 and will play against Italy in the quarterfinals.

"We didn't want to leave anything to chance, from the start. The score is of secondary importance, it was clear that Montenegro did not want to fight until the end, as they usually do against us, but that is their business. We showed energy, they had an extra player at 8-0, we want to keep that approach and that aggressiveness in the quarterfinals," said Filipovic, and added:

"The quarterfinals will be an all or nothing game, we have been preparing for this all summer, it's up to us to be as relaxed as possible mentally, we introduced ourselves well physically with this game. Italy? It doesn't matter who's on the other side. With faith in God and in these guys we want to fight for a medal," said Filipovic.

Stefan Mitrovic stressed that every game is important to in order to keep the rhythm, regardless of the fact that Serbia knew it had qualified for the quarterfinals.

"We no longer have the right to make mistakes, we are waiting for the quarterfinals, the knockout phase and that is why we came here. It's important to keep the defense at this level, if we concede goals in the double digit things will be difficult. Italy is an unpleasant opponent, we have two days to prepare and we will do our best," said Mitrovic.

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