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Kon: "Epidemic can last up to 100 years, the virus will eventually reach unvaccinated persons"

The epidemiologist also commented on the start of the school year, and is satisfied by the use of Covid passes to enter festivals

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Epidemiologist Dr. Predrag Kon, who is a member of the Crisis HQ, stresses that the models regarding schools are much more ambitious compared to last year. He adds that each school will function separately, while everything has been prepared so that this works out well.

"It's important to say that a sick child is not sent to school. Everyone who has a fever and (symptoms) that can indicate Covid, should stay at home and study online," Kon told TV Pink.


Covid passes

Kon adds that festivals that were held in Serbia this summer functioned well, and as he explains, Covid passes are something that has been done so far, and is now being transferred to a lower level, i.e. celebrations, weddings, and parties.

"If the state stands behind the fact that Covid passes exist, it will be easier for everyone. Because organizers will have no problem explaining why someone can't enter some place," says Kon.

He adds that in every Covid study will contain the question of whether someone has been vaccinated, because that will go without saying.

"The good thing about everything is that there is no panic. Yes, there are 10 percent of people who are seriously fighting and are seriously scared. That irrational fear that leads to panic is not good, while a small dose of fear is normal," Kon continues.

Kon stresses that the decision not to get vaccinated is a decision to expose someone to the virus.

"We will have an endemic (epidemic) that can last up to a hundred years. There is a virus left on the planet and it will be with us, the question is how much. Therefore, it means that the way it appears will change depending on how the virus will change, and it will, at some point, reach the person who has not been vaccinated," says Kon.

When it comes to the consequences of the disease, Kon stresses that it affects even the youngest.

"People talk about some consequences after vaccination, and those stories are inflated," underlines Kon.


Vaccination of healthcare workers and educators

When it comes to mandatory vaccination of healthcare workers and educators, Kon adds that it is clear this is an ethical matter, and that the first and basic thing for someone who is engaged in this type of work is not to harm others.

As for the number of coronavirus cases, Kon adds that this will be between 2,500 or 2,600 (per day) this week, and will certainly reach about 3,000 next week.


Protection measures in schools

Kon points out that direct classes will be taking place in green zones.

"A mask is put on the entrance to the school, while it is not obligatory in the school yard, except when they (children) meet, stand in a group," Kon explains.

He adds that no problems are expected with the youngest students, however the older ones will be a problem.

"They need to be cautioned," Kon underlines.

Video: Kon: It is unacceptable for a healthcare worker working with patients to be unvaccinated


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