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Kon on Covid passes: We spoke about it before, but we were told that it is unconstitutional

For now, it is certain that certificates will be introduced in nightclubs

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Predrag Kon

Photo: Tanjug/Sava Radovanovic

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon spoke today about the introduction of Covid passes, which was discussed at the last session of the Crisis HQ.

"Back in April, the City Institute of Public Health submitted how life should unfold going forward, that gatherings would be allowed for the protected. The city institute explained that those should be vaccinated persons, those who have had coronavirus, or have been tested, so that they can then gather. That corresponds with these certificates, or passes, the only question is how to implement it. However, we are stuck there."

As Kon says, the City of Belgrade forwarded such an idea to the Crisis HQ.

"We talked about it amongst ourselves, but it was not on the agenda. Why wasn't it on the agenda? Because it was said that it was unconstitutional and that it could not be done. However, at least the medical part of the Crisis HQ has firmly remained on the position that this is the only way, to wait for us to get vaccinated and to gain collective immunity and reduce this huge rush of the virus and infections. Obviously the argument, unfortunately, was the numbers."

He added that the medical part of the Crisis HQ spoke about this when the numbers were falling.

"Some countries have announced in advance when they will use passes, some have not - like us, some are not introducing them at all. I think that my opinion entered the legal part of the decision-making, but that there is a lot of politics, and I try to stay outside of that, and stress that our only opponent is the virus."

As Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic said after the meeting of the Crisis HQ, the final decision on these passes will be known in a few days, as well as that the list of places where they will be necessary will be gradually expanded.

For now, it is certain, as the prime minister stated, that if they turn out to be in accordance with the Constitution and human rights, they will be introduced in nightclubs, bars, cafes, and indoor restaurants.

"We are preparing for the introduction of Covid certificates, if necessary. The final decision will be made in a few days, but the agreement at the Crisis HQ is for everyone to prepare for the introduction of the Covid certificate," said the prime minister, adding that the Office for eGovernment and everyone else will have time to prepare so that when the decision is made, it can to be immediately implemented:

"If Covid certificates are introduced, in order to be in accordance with the Constitution and human rights, they will be introduced in areas where it is not necessary for people to be, and where there is a high possibility of infection. These are nightclubs, bars, cafes, indoor restaurants."

The prime minister pointed out that such certificates will not be needed in retail facilities.


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