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Kon: We will have about 8,000 new coronavirus cases, people act as if "nothing can touch them"

A part of the citizens respect all measures, but the majority does not, Kon stressed

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Photo: Tanjug/Rade Prelic

The epidemiological situation in Serbia is becoming more complex, the number of infected people and deaths is growing, but also the number of patients in hospitals and on ventilators. A member of the Crisis HQ, Dr. Predrag Kon, has assessed that things will get worse in Serbia and that the number of infected people will increase in the next two weeks, because no effective measures are being taken to stabilize the situation regarding the virus, Blic is reporting.

He said that there is a possibility of having even more than 8,000 new daily cases in this wave.

A part of the citizens respect all measures, but the majority does not, they refuse to wear masks, they refuse to be vaccinated, they behave according to the principle, 'nothing can touch us, we are stronger than fate'," said Kon.

According to him, the medical part of the Crisis HQ has long been asking for Covid passe to be introduced. Professionals are warning that vaccination is the only way to stop the pandemic. Commenting on vaccination in Serbia, Kon said that those who are suspicious of the vaccines and refuse vaccination believe in fabrications, not in science, and that vaccination has not stopped the virus, but has reduced deaths and severe forms of the disease.

"Americans have calculated that the risk of dying from Covid is 11 times higher if you are unvaccinated," said Kon.

He stressed that the third dose is important not only for groups at risk, but for everyone, because according to studies from Israel, the third dose of the vaccine stops the virus.


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