Little ones gave up from their excursion so their friend could get better: Brave little Petar is fighting a dangerous malign sickness

An Albanian has been feeding sick children in Vranje each day for the past 4 years: His children are playing with them, and Serbs work in the bakery (PHOTO)

Nurses at the department, where Nebojsa Glogovac is being treated, started crying: The actor is bravely fighting against the serious disease, he is not giving up

LIFE DRAMA OF THE FAMOUS SERBIAN ACTOR: Nebojsa Glogovac seriously sick, urgently admitted to hospital

Measles spreading more and more and they already reached Montenegro: 14 months old girl got infected

DEFEATING STATISTICS: The number of people sick with measles increasing - there are currently 1.327 registered cases

REAL TRUTH ABOUT STEM CELLS FROM UMBILICAL CORD: The most famous Serbian doctor reveals do they really work or is it - "THE FRAUD OF THE CENTURY" (PHOTO)

The sexiest fitness doctors in Serbia, Maja and Marija: Who would you choose to treat you? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Drama at the Belgrade airport: Captain was sick, the airplane had emergency landing

Sandra was on the brink of death, and now she conquers mountaintops: This brave girl is a real example that miracles are very much possible!

She felt that she was sick, and she had chest pain: Soon after, doctors were fighting for her life, and all of that could have been prevented!

Rista and Vlatko have been tied for bed for 25 years: Father died of sadness, mother is the only consolation and salvation. Her cry hurts a lot (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

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