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Djerlek: We lost the first battle, but we can win the war. Parties to be interrupted, strict fines

We still have time, we need to encourage people to be faster and more decisive when it comes to vaccination, says Djerlek

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Mirsad Ðerlek

Photo: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health Dr. Mirsad Djerlek has told Pink TV that the epidemiological situation is not the most favorable, and that he thinks that coronavirus woke up again after two or three months of being dormant, and of people unjustifiably relaxing.

"We did not use the first chance, we did not win the first battle, but we should try to win the war. We still have time, we need to encourage people to be faster and more decisive when it comes to vaccination. They should respond and get vaccinated as soon as possible, because that is the only way we can win the war against this disease," said Dr. Djerlek.

According to him, a large study has been done in the United States that included over 100,000 people, which showed that out of those who were vaccinated, only 4 percent got hospitalized, and that they were mostly patients with some comorbidities and over 75 years of age.

"On the other hand, a large sample study done in Germany showed that as many as 98.5 percent of people who died were unvaccinated. This is all clear proof of how effective the vaccine is in this fight," said Dr. Djerlek.

He pointed out that the Crisis HQ is doing the best it can, without any compensation.

"These are all experienced doctors who work together with top state leadership and the Ministry of Health. We should ask ourselves whether we should just use our rights and set our obligations aside," said Dr. Djerlek.

He wondered how much the measures that have been adopted have been respected since the very beginning of the epidemic.

"The measures serve as an aid to (stop) the spread of the virus, but the vaccine is the main weapon in the fight against it. The Crisis HQ has made two important decisions for the coming period. As of Thursday, we are going to strictly control the implementation of the epidemiological measures," said Dr. Djerlek.

The doctor stressed that this is extremely important, and added that he believes this will be the most serious type of control carried out so far.

"Parties that fall outside what is written in the measures will be interrupted, the fines will be strict, as prescribed. That will not be tolerated like it has been until now. So far, we have tried with warnings, but that hasn't yielded results, so we are moving into very serious action," said Dr. Djerlek.


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