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"Focus of all my conversations were events in Kosovo and Metohija. Beating of Serbs worries me"

This is where all the stories about big countries' love of justice come to an end - said the president of Serbia

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The focus of all my conversations today was the topic of Kosovo and Metohija, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday after a series of meetings and participation in a summit in Budapest.

"If there are attempts to persecute our population like in 2004, we know how we will respond," said the president of Serbia.

He recalled that he stressed to all representatives of the international community that the limit up to which Belgrade will suffer pressure and attacks is known.

"We are not afraid of anyone's words, Serbia must be above that. We know our place, we know we are small compared to great European powers, we understand our real position well, just don't be talking to us about principles. I am very worried about the beating of Serbs. We said precisely to what limit we will go and what our moves will be," said Vucic.

"How come self-determination is the essence of freedom for everyone, except for Serbs? That is my question for everyone. How come Serbs don't have that same right? Everything that is allowed to you, which is the pinnacle of the freedom loving thought, is not to us. We know that we are small, great powers are against us. We know our position, just don't explain it to us with principles," said Vucic.

"They are looking for Serbian agents in the woods, they are hiding, they are afraid of every tree. They can do all that, and when the Brussels agreement is truly fulfilled, well, 'then we will make arrests'. That's the kind of hypocrisy we're talking about here. I did not expect anything else from (Albin) Kurti," the president added.

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