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Radonjic reveals what he said to Ronaldo and how Portuguese players delighted him back at Benfica


In an interview for Telegraf, the Serbian national football team player described what he was thinking about in the last four minutes of the game, as well as what kind of opponents he would like in Qatar

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Nemanja Radonjić, Kristijano Ronaldo, Srbija - Portugal

Photo: Zed Jameson/Sipa Press/Profimedia

Cristiano Ronaldo's tears at the end of the game Portugal played against Serbia in Lisbon have been seen around the world. One of the greatest players of all time was powerless in the clash against the Serbian squad, he was "invisible" the entire match, to in the end once again toss away his captain's armband in anger. In moments of sadness, Serbian national team player Nemanja Radonjic approached him and tried to comfort him.

Ronaldo is Nemanja Radonjic's idol and he never tried to hide that, and there is no doubt that victory against Ronaldo's side is something he will remember for the rest of his life.

Another lifetime memory will be a photo taken at the end of the game showing Radonjic comforting the crying Ronaldo. Radonjic, who plays for Benfica, revealed in an exclusive interview for Telegraf what he told Ronaldo, as well as what he was thinking about during the last four minutes of the match after Mitrovic's goal, but also how he was treated by the Portuguese national team players once he returned to his club .

  • Tell us what you were thinking about during the last four minutes of the game?


- I was just thinking about the game ending as soon as possible, hearing the whistle and starting the celebration. It's hard to keep concentration in those last minutes when you see great joy and celebration in front of you, but your feet are still on the pitch where the opponent is going for all or nothing. We fought hard to go to the World Cup and we deserved this direct qualification.

  • Did you believe in victory?


- Yes, I knew we were winning. The atmosphere in the team significantly contributed to that, we went there believing in victory. We all believed.

  • The whole world saw a photo of you comforting Ronaldo after the game ended. Can you reveal to us what you told him?


- I told him to hold his head up high.

  • What was the reaction in your club a day after the triumph? Did your Benfica teammates congratulate you?


- Yes, everyone congratulated me. Even the Portuguese national team players, who did not play due to injuries. Every last one of them approached me and congratulated me. That is a great gesture, a trait of great players.

  • Are you already thinking about possible World Cup group stage opponents, and who would you like Serbia to draw on April 1?


- Whoever we get in the draw, I know that our head coach will prepare us like he did for Portugal. I know that we will approach it responsibly and that we will not underestimate any opponent. Now I'm not thinking about that too much, we are still under the impression of this victory, but I'm slowly beginning to wish that we would get weaker opponents," Nemanja Radonjic told Telegraf.

Otherwise, Radonjic was also cheered on during the game in Lisbon by his girlfriend, the beauty Isidora Kadijevic, who took pictures with the legendary Luis Figo in the stands of Estadio da Luz.

Take a look some of her photos:

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