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Banjski Potok is a masterpiece of nature: Seeing its colors is worth the effort of getting there

For many who have visited the Ovcar-Kablar Gorge, this stream is the most beautiful thing they have seen in Serbia

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Photo: Ivan Strahinic

In the village of Ducalovici, located on Mt. Ovcar, flows the most beautiful stream in Serbia, which has been a gathering place for domestic and foreign tourists for years.

In its upper course, the Banjski Potok stream has several small tributaries, while the karst spring is located a kilometer upstream from its mouth, decorated with a terrace and numerous waterfalls.

The ambience and colors that Banjski Potok abounts in are so unreal that they are breathtaking.

When you step into this part of Dragacevo, you will feel like stepping into a most beautiful fairy tale that only nature can create.

True, the path leading to the stream is not very easy - it is extremely steep in some places and special caution is advised when hiking.

But, anyone who has visited this part of the Ovcar-Kablar Gorge at least once will say that the path leading to the stream is worth every step taken to get there.

Photo: Ivan Strahinic

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