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Juric: Jovana suffered abused by her ex-husband, people close to her knew about it


Jovana Marjanovic, 54, from Nis was found dead on Sunday

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Igor Jurić  Jovana Marjanović

Photo: Tanjug/Jaroslav Pap, Instagram/_zoreina

The body of Jovana Marjanovic, a 54-year-old woman from Nis, was found on Mt. Zlatibor on Sunday after a five-day search, and the autopsy showed that she did not die a violent death.

Igor Juric, the founder of the Tijana Juric Foundation (named after his teenage daughter who was abducted and murdered), told TV Prva that he had been in touch with Jovana's daughters all the time, from the moment of their mother's disappearance.

"Her daughter Ljiljana was completely honest about what was happening in her mother's life. They had a problem. Jovana had a problem. She was a victim of a type of abuse and it was not easy for her," said Juric.

However, in their opinion, that was not the reason behind the tragedy.

"This was her ex-husband, she suffered abuse, those are the words of her daughters, and I have no reason not to believe them. People from her immediate environment were informed about that abuse," he stressed and added that the authorities were also informed.

Jovana Marjanovic disappeared on Mt. Zlatibor on the evening of December 22, when she told her partner, with whom she was living there for the last few months because of her job in the construction business, that she was going for a walk.

Later, her phone was found in the pipes near a roundabout, and after a few days, her body was discovered next to a stream on the Tic Field, which is about three kilometers away from the apartment where she lived.

According to people from the town of Uzice who found Jovana's body, and whose testimony has been confirmed during the investigation, the body was lying in the snow near the stream. A bottle of an alcoholic beverage and two empty blister packs of medicines were found next to Jovana. Apart from her own, there were no other tracks in the snow.

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