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Incredible video from Bosnia: Drunk driver zigzags across lanes, policeman chases him on foot


When he was stopped, he thought he was in a town 70 kilometers from Tomislavgrad, where he in fact was at the time

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Pijan vozač automobila, vozač u alkoholisanom stanju

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A shocking video that has started circulating on the internet shows a driver switching from one lane to another under the influence of alcohol near Tomislavgrad in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). At one point, he passed the police who tried to stop him.

The video shows a man in a gray Mercedes moving from lane to lane, and then getting off the road, onto which he would then drive back. At one point as he passed a police car, an officer followed him, however he continued to move slowly down the road.

The policeman tried to snatch the steering wheel from the driver through the window, and after several minutes, he finally managed to restrain him and open the car door.

The driver of the car with Dubrovnik license plates was moving from the direction of Posusje towards Tomislavgrad, and according to unofficial information, the driver was overpowered by a police officer after ten minutes and was soon arrested.

That this bizarre, but very dangerous situation occurred, has been confirmed for 24sata.hr by the spokesman of the Ministry of the Interior of BiH, Ivica Vrdoljak, who says that they received the report about this driver two days ago, shortly after 12 o'clock.

A spokesman said that the man was in under the influence of alcohol and that he resisted the arrest by behaving very arrogantly.

"At first we thought he was ill, but when he started to drive from one lane to the other and almost got hit by a truck, we called the police. It wasn't all the same to us, he could have killed someone. When the police stopped him, he thought he was in Siroki Brijeg, and not in Tomislavgrad," the author of the video told 24sata.hr, exlaining that Siroki Brijeg and Tomislavgrad are 70 kilometers apart.

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