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Djerlek: No one can predict the end of the pandemic, we expect tough fight with Omicron until late March

The Omicron strain has shown itself to cause a milder clinical picture

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Vakcina, gerontoloski centar

Photo: Tanjug/Nikola Andjic

State Secretary in the Ministry of Health Mirsad Djerlek said today that we must not relax, because it turned out that we cannot at all be certain that predictions about the end of the pandemic are true, neither those coming from the World Health Organization, nor from major world experts.

"We hope that it will pass by the end of the year, but we are getting back into a vicious circle. It turned out that the Omicron strain has a milder clinical picture, but that strain has now shown its greatest strength and I think that until the end of March we can expect a tough fight with Omicron," Djerlek told TV Pink.

He warned that the vicious circle of the epidemic consists of young unvaccinated people becoming infected and bringing the virus back to their families and infecting the elderly.

"Grandparents with comorbidities end up in hospitals and the highest percentage of deaths is unfortunately among that population. At the moment we have several viruses present. The Delta (strain) is still here, there are many more flu viruses than last year, so that population group is paying the highest price, and those are people older than 60 with severe chronic diseases," said Djerlek.

He assessed that Serbia has given a lesson in democracy compared to other European countries, because there have been no major lockdowns here.

"If there weren't for such a good state healthcare system, we would have experienced a catastrophe. Thanks to the president, the minister, the Government, this system has not only held, but also improved," said Djerlek.


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