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Brnabic: We will be presenting concrete results to citizens on April 3


Serbia will not tailor its policy to suit the wishes of world powers - said Brnabic

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Photo: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

Serbia will not tailor its policy to suit the wishes of world powers, said Prime Minister and SNS deputy leader Ana Brnabic, who stressed that there is real reason for optimism that citizens will choose the path toward the future on April 3 rather than that of returning to the past, and trust people and a team that has a clear and concrete plan for the future.

"I know that in the past, decisions were often made to appeal to some great powers or powerful people, but Serbia is no longer such a country," Brnabic told Politika when asked whether Serbia can resist pressure, or if a decision on sanctions against Russia is more certain.

When asked about the elections, Brnabic said that they are presenting concrete results to the citizens.

"Salaries of 635 euros, the Clinical Center of Serbia, the Cardiovascular Hospital Dedinje 2, the high-speed railway Novi Sad-Belgrade, a bypass around Cacak, the Institute for the Development of Artificial Intelligence, the Center for Genome Sequencing... are the deeds that speak better and more than a thousand words," said the prime minister.

Asked if her being 14th on the SNS list, right after prominent figures from the world of science and culture is a signal that she could be the prime minister of Serbia again, Brnabic said that she truly is not thinking about it.

"We in the SNS are not fighting for power and offices, but for the opportunity to do something for our country," she said, stressing that they have the best team and the strongest list, which she is especially proud of.

According to her, the government will fight with all its might to make sure citizens feel the consequences of the situation in Ukraine as little as possible.

"I would not dare to predict anything, because everything depends on how long all this will take. However, as in the case of the pandemic, when Serbia was among the first to procure ventilators and the most modern drugs and vaccines, this time too, primarily thanks to the very swift reaction of President Vucic, we replenished our commodity reserves and welcomed the wave of problems everyone is now facing extremely well prepared."

When asked to comment on the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, the fact that for the first time the Serbs will not vote in their communities, that they are receiving threats from Kurti... Brnabic said that our people showed on Friday how united, brave and determined they are in expressing their their views and protecting their rights.

"I hope that representatives of the provisional institutions in Pristina saw that, but also the entire international community, "said Brnabic.

Asked how far we are from the possibility of reaching a historic agreement, she said that she is afraid that with each new move of Albin Kuriti, we are getting farther and farther away from that, and that this harms everyone.

Brnabic stated that she has called the Brussels Agreement dead because there is no other way of putting it when some people in the 21st century cannot even exercise their right to vote.

"That is why I am afraid that every move made by Kurti takes us farther away from the agreement," said the prime minister.

Regarding the situation in the region, she said that it is time to stop the practice, that is, a model of behavior, that when you are not able or simply do not have the courage to direct a reaction where it should be, you take it out on Serbia.

"We absolutely do not endanger anyone, instead we help everyone in the most difficult moments, and we will continue to do that, without a doubt," said Brnabic.

Asked how many ministers she would keep in the government, if she had such an opportunity, Brnabic said that she never commented in the media about the work of ministers, that she appreciates results, and that this government certainly had them, which means they were a good team.

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