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Land sold in New Belgrade, the Chinese are building a modern shopping center there

The design of the future shopping mall will be presented on Friday in the Assembly of the City of Belgrade

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Požar u Bloku 70

Photo: Mateja Beljan

Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic said today that a plot of building land near Jurija Gagarina Street has been sold for 821 million dinars, and announced that the transportation company Lasta could lose its contract with the city because many of its buses have not been running.

Appearing on TV Happy, Vesic said that the city-owned land was sold in a public auction yesterday.

"A large Chinese company, which bought two building plots with a total area of 27,501 square meters, will pay over seven million euros to the city budget. They announced the construction of a modern Chinese shopping center. Stores from the Piramida Shopping Center from Block 70, which burned down, as well as other Chinese vendors, will move into it," said Vesic.

He added that low-rise commercial facilities are planned to be built on the land that has been sold.

He explained that the Chinese shopping center in Block 70 did not have proper conditions, while the new one will be a modern facility built to all standards.

The design of the future shopping center will be presented on Friday in the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, he announced.

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