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We peeked into the Russian version of McDonald's: This is what French fries and burger now look like


Prices have also been adjusted

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Mekdonalds u Rusiji, Rusija Mcdonalds

Photo: M.Bjelic


The first 15 restaurants of the former McDonald's chain have reopened in Moscow and the Moscow region, under a new name - "Tasty and That's It".

As announced, another 50 restaurants will be opened across Russia, followed by 200 by the end of June.

We had the opportunity to look into one of the restaurants, and in our photos you can see what the well known chain now looks like.

The first impression is that it is really different, not only because of the new colors, but also because of the packaging, appearance and serving of food... What has been announced in the past has come true, prices have been corrected to a degree, and some meals are cheaper.

We also noticed that the logo is not imprinted on the packaging yet, neither the old nor the new, while the green color dominates in the restaurant itself. The menu, names and everything else are printed Russian.

"It's not the same for me. I'm looking forward to eating this food again, because I love it, but it's different. Maybe it's just a subjective feeling," said B.M. (38).

He was having lunch with the children and added that the boys noticed the change. “They were looking for the 'old' ice cream, that says a lot,” he tells us as he points out that the taste of the French fries that he most often buys is simply different.

For now, the full menu will not be available to the visitors of Tasty and That's It, and the management explained that was the case because of logistical difficulties, as well as the fact that the restaurants are opening in record time.

Some familiar items will not be on the new menu, such as "Big Mac."

"This is because these names, these brands, their looks and production technology have a direct connection with the McDonald's brand. But I want to promise that in the very near future we will have replacements for these products, which I am sure our consumers will appreciate and love," the CEO said earlier.

In addition, he added, the packaging of some products needs to be changed.

Do you like the new logo instead of the old one? Tell us in the comments.

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