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Poll: Serbia is on the right path, according to citizens


When asked which politician they trust the most, 38 percent of Serbian citizens chose Aleksandar Vucic

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Beograd Panorama

Photo: Tanjug/Milos Milivojevic

Among the countries of the Western Balkans, citizens of Serbia are the most satisfied with the direction their country is going, according to a survey carried out by the International Republican Institute (IRI).

According to the survey conducted this year, 57 percent of Serbian residents believe that the country is moving in the right direction, while 53 percent of respondents shared that opinion two years ago, reports Blic.

According to IRI's poll, as many as 85 percent of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina think that the country is going in the wrong direction, in North Macedonia this opinion is shared by 75 percent, and in Montenegro by 45 percent.

The survey shows that 45 percent of young people in Serbia see their future and perspective in the country, while 47 percent do not, but this is a much better result than in the previous poll conducted in 2020, when only 34 percent of young people had an optimistic attitude towards their future in Serbia, while 54 percent thought the opposite.

Asked what Serbia needs themost now, 58 percent of respondents believe that it is stability and continuity, while 38 percent said the country needs changes.

When asked which politician they trust the most, 38 percent of Serbian citizens said Aleksandar Vucic, while among the top five rated politicians are Ivica Dacic, Ana Brnabic, Dragan Djilas and Marinika Tepic. 40 percent of respondents said that they do not trust any politician, Tanjug reported.

According to the IRI survey, the Serbian Army (43 percent), followed by the president (37 percent), the Serbian Orthodox Church (36 percent) and the police (25 percent) are still the most trusted institutions.

As many as 58 percent of Serbian citizens believe that Russia is the most favorably inclined country, 48 percent picked China, followed by North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, so-called Kosovo, Germany, Montenegro and Turkey.


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