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Dacic: Concrete talks with the Serbian Progressive Party will follow


The agreement is that in the coming period, there will be concrete talk with SNS representatives about the modalities of cooperation - said Dacic

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Ivica Dačić

Photo: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

The president of the Serbian National Assembly and the leader of the SPS, Ivica Dacic, says that the constitutive session of the parliament will be held at the end of this week or at the beginning of the next and stressed that concrete discussions with the SNS party will follow.

The deadline for to set up the new parliament expires in less than two weeks - on August 4.

Dacic says that neither the deputies nor anyone in the Assembly bears responsibility because the period of announcing the final and official election results had lasted so long.

"The deadlines are such that the only thing left is the obligation I have as the president of the Assembly - to schedule a constituent session. Bearing that in mind, that session will be held either at the end of the week or at the beginning of the next," Dacic told RTS.

According to him, the deadline to form the government starts only then, and it is 90 days from the moment of the constitution of the assembly.

"According to the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, I am scheduling a session and in preparation for that session, we will invite representatives of electoral lists to agree on how that session will proceed, that will be in the next few days," said Dacic.

As he stressed, the agreement is that in the coming period, there will be concrete talk with SNS representatives about the modalities of cooperation.

He recalled that the constitutive session is chaired by the oldest member of parliament, that is Vladeta Jankovic, and if he cannot or does not want to perform that duty, the next oldest deputy is Veroljub Stevanovic.

He will be assisted by the four youngest MPs from the four largest electoral lists, i.e. from the list led by Aleksandar Vucic - Nikola Bokan, from the list of Marinika Tepic- Pavle Grbovic, from the list of Ivic Dacic - Dubravka Kralj and from the NADA list- Jelena Bogdanovic.

The oldest deputy presides until a new president of the Assembly is elected.

"According to the law, as far as the verification of mandates is concerned, at least two-thirds of the deputies are required to have theirs verified, and this is considered the constitution of the assembly," explained Dacic.

He added that the constitution is finished when that item passes on the agenda, which is at the very beginning of the session.

The next part of the session is the election of the president, deputy president, general secretary.

Asked whether this will be completed in one day, Dacic said that it is a question of political agreement, a question for the parliamentary majority, whether a decision will be made now or if it will wait.

He pointed out that it can also happen at this session, if there is agreement on who that will be and which parties will make up the parliamentary majority.

Asked whether he is part of the majority, Dacic said that it is summer and that these topics are very important for the media, so there have been reports about who will be in the new government.

"As a man with great experience, I know that what is written in the press will certainly not happen. When it comes to the parliamentary majority, we had talks with the president of the Republic and together we expressed our great satisfaction with the results we achieved in the 10 years of cooperation," noted Dacic.

He said those results are important both on the national, international, and economy and finance issues, and in that sense, as the leader of the SPS-JS collation, along with the Green Party of Serbia, he expressed his willingness to continue this cooperation.

"Together, we expressed a positive stance about what we were doing and, in principle, we expressed our willingness to work based on common goals, and not on some calculations, because since 2014, our cooperation has not been based on whether we are needed or not (to form a majority), instead it is important that there is political stability in Serbia in this regard, that we have common political goals," said Dacic.

Dacic added that everything that is written in the press, regarding there allegedly being an agreement to give him a certain job - is not true, there have been no discussions on that topic. He added that, "all kinds of things have been reported."


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