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Pejic: It's realistic that Ana Brnabic will remain prime minister, but surprises are not ruled out either

"There is speculation about the candidate, but that belongs is in the realm of speculation. Ana Brnabic is mentioned as the most serious name"

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Ana Brnabić kampus BIO4

Photo: Tanjug/Strahinja Acimovic

Director of the Faktor Plus agency Vladimir Pejic has assessed that it is realistic for Ana Brnabic to remain prime minister, but added that he expects surprises in the government, meaning that there is still the possibility of surprises also when it comes to the next PM.

Pejic told Tanjug that he expects the new government to be formed around August 20, adding that all deputies who supported electing Vladimir Orlic as president of the Assembly of Serbia will also vote for the new government.

"There is speculation about the candidate, but that is in the realm of speculation. Ana Brnabic is mentioned as the most serious name, we will see if she will be that person. Maybe they will decide on a conceptually different person, for the PM-designate to be someone who is not from the SNS, or is not from the political life. We will know that very soon," said Pejic.

Asked how much everything that happens in the surroundings, as well as internal challenges affects the composition of the government, Pejic said that he is not inclined to say that embassies or someone from the outside are influencing the formation of the government of Serbia, but that he above all has in mind the people who can implement the policy of the government and Aleksandar Vucic, the policy of balancing.

"In this sense, I expect that there will be those in the government who can influence the implementation of that policy in the best way, and that is why we can expect ministers who are recognized to lean more towards one side or the other, but I don't see them as representatives of someone's interests, but as someone implementing a balanced policy of the government and the president," said Pejic.

Reacting to SNS official Milos Vucevic saying that the majority that elected the president of the Assembly will not necessarily be the same as the one to elect the government, Pejic said that, mathematically, Vucevic is right, because such a majority is not even necessary to elect the government, but that he personally believes that in practice the government will be supported by all deputies who voted for the Assembly leadership.

Pejic also stated that the talks between the SNS and the SPS are logical, given that the Socialists are the long-term coalition partner of the SNS and were accepted even when they had fewer votes, and that the SPS did not show ambition to demonstrate its "blackmailing capacity" so he expects that they will remain a part of the ruling coalition, and it makes sense that they are the first in line for consultations.

Pejic also said that the constitutive session of the Assembly gave a hint about what it will look like.

"On the one hand, it's good to hear different opinions, the debates should be fierce, but within the limits of decency and the law. On the other hand, I expect there to be more proposals, ideas, policies, than criticism. Criticism is welcome and should exist, but it's more important for the opposition to come up with ideas and proposals that will be an alternative government," said Pejic.

He also assessed that there was unnecessary excitement around electing the vice-president of the Assembly, which he says is important, but still not of great importance, and that the opposition unnecessarily fought amongst themselves over that position.


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