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Vucic: Another country is withdrawing its recognition of Kosovo


The president added that he is trying to find a rational position for Serbia

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Aleksandar Vučić

Photo: Tanjug/Tara Radovanovic

President Aleksandar Vucic said in New York yesterday evening that he received another note about the withdrawal of recognition of so-called Kosovo.

"One more folder in our state's safe, we have one more note, with which we strengthen our position at least in this organization and we will continue to work on it and we will fight," Vucic told RTS from New York City, where he is participating in the UN General Debate.

He added that we will keep quiet until they start with attempts to join some institutions, at which point they will be surprised with the number of countries that think differently and the clear majority that Serbia has on this issue in the UN today.

The president added that he is trying to find a rational position for Serbia, and that for several months there has been information circulating that Pristina will join the UN, while that story has been released again these days.

"This is additional pressure on Serbia, to accept a paper that I did not take. It is clear that some other side released it to the public. I have very good news for the citizens of Serbia. At one of the meetings that was not covered, I received another note about a withdrawal of recognition of Kosovo. We work and keep quiet, but when they start looking for membership in some institutions, that's the moment they will be surprised by the number of countries that do not accept it," said Vucic.


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