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Case of 14-year-old who collapsed and died in front of Belgrade school investigated, these 2 things in focus


The girl was first taken ill, and then collapsed on the stairs in front of the school

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Photo: Nikola Andjic

The investigation into the case of the death of 14-year-old student M.M, who passed away yesterday around 2:15 pm in front of the elementary school Despot Stefan Lazarevic in Zvezdara, Belgrade, has been launched by the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, Telegraf has learned.

We also learned that an autopsy and toxicology tests have been ordered yesterday to determine the cause of death. The police were told to take the footage from security cameras and statements from the girls M.M. was with.

The girl was first taken ill, and then collapsed on the stairs in front of the school.

Yesterday, a Telegraf reporter found out from those gathered at the scene that she never complained of being sick or in pain of any kind.

"She was an excellent student, she practiced ballet. She has a brother who is in high school," we find out at the scene.

Goran Filipovic, head of the Belgrade School Administration, was in front of the school.

He said that the headmistress informed him about the case.

"The school reacted immediately after learning from the students that a child was taken ill, that she had fainted, according to the headmistress, an ambulance arrived within 13 minutes, resuscitation was attempted. The ambulance crew couldn't do anything. We are waiting for a medical examiner to come to the field, the parents have been informed," Filipovic said yesterday.

He stressed that at the moment the parents, but also for the deceased girl's schoolmates need support.

Video: A girl (14) dies in front of an elementary school in Belgrade


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