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Marko Djuric: Kosovo authorities demonstrate force and discriminate against Serb community


Djuric wrote on Twitter that Thursday's events were a textbook attempt to reignite the conflict in Kosovo

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Banja Luka Banjaluka, proslava Dana Republike Srpske, Marko Đurić

Photo: Tanjug/Milos Milivojevic

Serbian Ambassador to the US Marko Djuric said that the Kosovo authorities continue to demonstrate force and violently discriminate against the already shaken Serb community in Kosovo, "much to the detriment" of the efforts led by the EU and US to preserve stability and create an atmosphere suitable for normalization.

Djuric wrote on Twitter that Thursday's events were a textbook attempt to reignite the conflict in Kosovo.

"In blatant violation of the Brussels Agreement, a monoethnic force counting hundreds of armed KPS (Kosovo police) officers has occupied the only remaining Serb-majority city in Kosovo* - North (Kosovska) Mitrovica," Djuric wrote in a Twitter thread, adding:

"Earlier today, another example of such behavior stood out as being particularly offensive to many in Serbia - as the many centuries-old Kosovo-Serb wine-producing enclave of Velika Hoca, inhabited by 650 out of the fewer than 2,500 Serbs remaining in Western Kosovo and Metohija region, was raided under a trivial pretext (the alleged 'customs law violation' by a family producing wine there for generations) by Kalashnikov-armed 'special KPS units', visibly abusing force in order to instill fear."

According to him, "by intimidating and removing people's source of livelihood, such actions are forcing them to move from their ancient and beautiful UNESCO-protected homes."

"Also, a kindergarten playground in North Kosovo* town of Leposavic had an unexpected deliberate visit by an armored machine gun vehicle armed with KPS APC while the kids were asleep," he added, reports Kosovo Online.

The ambassador also wrote that "as the Kurti government continues to apply its radical nationalistic playbook across the board, for Kosovo* Serbs, life has become a daily struggle filled with anxiety and fear for the future."


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