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KFOR receives request to enable return of Serbian security forces to Kosovo and Metohija

Last night, the Government of Serbia adopted the decision to send the request

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KFOR was today, at the Merdare administrative crossing, handed the request of the Government of Serbia for the return of 100 to 1,000 Serbian security forces to the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244, Tanjug has learned.

Last night, the Government of Serbia made a decision to, in accordance with Resolution 1244, send a request to KFOR to enable the the return of up to 1,000 Serbian security forces to Kosovo.

"This is important for the protection of our population, and it would dramatically reduce tensions at Jarinje and Brnjak. We don't think they will accept it, but it is important to have it in writing that we tried, (otherwise) one day when the balance of power in Kosovo and Metohija changes, it would be, 'So why didn't you ever ask'," President Aleksandar Vucic said last night.

"I don't think there is a possibility that they will accept our request," Vucic believes. "They didn't even want to hear it because it's a poke in the eye for those who think they have the right to decide about us without us."

"I want to tell the people in Serbia, I brought to all the interlocutors... This is paper number 1 - the UN Charter. This is paper No. 2 - Resolution 1244. Paper No. 3 - Military Technical Agreement. Paper No. 4 - Brussels Agreement. Paper No. 5 - Washington Agreement. Paper No. 6 - Thessaloniki Declaration. We are also preparing paper No. 7.," he said while appearing on RTS late on Thursday.

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