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Two young Serb men arrested in Kosovo and Metohija, police searched their homes: "More pressure on Serbs"


They have been detained for 48 hours and the Serbian Government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija will provide all the necessary legal aid and a lawyer to them

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Kosovska policija

Photo: Profimedia

Two Serbian young men, Dejan M. (27) and Aleksandar S. (31), were detained yesterday in Klokot, because during the Orthodox Christmas Eve celebration, several shots were heard fired in the air from the church yard.

Members of the Kosovo police searched the houses of these two families, and Dejan and Aleksandar were taken into custody, the Office for Kosovo and Metohija said in a statement.

They have been detained for 48 hours and the Office for Kosovo and Metohija will provide them with free legal assistance and a lawyer.

The families were also visited by the president of the temporary authority of the municipality of Vitina, who conveyed the support of the Office to them.

"It is clear that with such arrests, connected to the celebration of Christmas, as the most joyous Orthodox holiday, Serbs are made aware that they have no right to their holidays, which is best demonstrated by the terrorist attack on Christmas Eve in Gotovusa, when an Albanian, a member of the so-called of the Kosovo Security Forces, shot the boy Stefan and the young man Milos, just because they were carrying a badnjak. This puts additional pressure on the Serbs and brings fear into the Serb environment, with the clear aim of making them feel uneasy and expelling them from their homes," he said.


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