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Skier breaks Nis woman's arm on Mt. Kopaonik, but did something even worse after and horrified everyone


The Ski Center Kopaonik has confirmed to us that they are aware of this event, but directed us to the JP Skijalista Srbije (Public company Ski Resorts of Serbia) for further information

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Photo: Private archive

"My wife ended up in the University Clinical Center in Nis with a broken arm, and I ended up at the emergency service thanks to the stress I experienced. The man who did this to us did not even consider it necessary to apologize.

We went to Kopaonik to enjoy ourselves, but the winter vacation turned into a horror story for us!" - this is what Predrag Stojadinovic, a native of the town of Nis has said. His 32-year-old wife Marina was seriously injured yesterday in this winter resotrt when, as Stojadinovic claims, she collided with a man unknown to him, who then moved on after the accident.

The event that could have turned into a tragedy happened around 11 o'clock at the junction of the Gvozdac and Ledenica ski slopes.

"We were skiing along the edge of the Gvozdac trail, my wife was in front of me when another skier ran into her at full speed from the Ledenica trail from the right. The blow was so forceful that Marina somersaulted three times in the air before falling. I ran to her, I thought she was dead, she didn't give any signs of life. I lifted her left arm and then her leg, her limbs fell down, I freaked out.... Fortunately, she soon regained consciousness and opened her eyes. I asked her if she could move, she only told me that she was in severe pain. I could see that the wrist of her right hand was hanging unnaturally," Stojadinovic describes the incident.

The Mountain Service came to the scene of the accident, the Nis woman was transferred to the trauma center there and then to the hospital in Nis, where she had surgery. What upsets her husband is that the man responsible for hurting her did not get stopped.

"I described him to the guards, I told them to find him, I couldn't chase after him, I was helping the wife. A guy who happened to be there caught up with him, talked to him, gave me his phone number and offered to be my witness, because he was an eyewitness to the accident," continues the husband of the injured Nis woman.

Predrag says that Marina has been diagnosed with severe injuries that required surgical intervention.

"The inner part of her forearm was broken, not from the fall but from the blow by a ski boot. I immediately went to the police in Brus and reported this incident. The Ski Resorts of Serbia said that they will download footage from surveillance cameras and hand it over to the authorities. I'm bitter about everything that happened, I think the stewards also made an error, they should warn skiers in order to prevent such accidents. I will seek justice in court, I will claim compensation for damages because I believe that my wife was injured due to someone else's mistakes," said Stojadinovic.

The police department in Krusevac announced that a woman from Nis had been injured.

"We received information about this event when the injured person was transported to a healthcare facility. The competent prosecutor's office has been informed, they are working on collecting all the facts and information about the circumstances under which this event took place," the police said.

The Ski Center Kopaonik has confirmed to us that they are aware of this event, but directed us to JP Skijalista Srbije for further information The phone number we were given was answered by a man who directed us to a spokesperson of this public company, but she has not picked up after several attempts to reach her by phone.


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