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Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

Coldest days since winter began are coming: Minus 20 degrees expected, it will be freezing cold in Belgrade

Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

Days with frosty mornings are ahead

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sneg mećava nevreme vremenska prognoza

Photo illustration: Shutterstock, RINA, Telegraf

During the weekend, Serbia was hit by a severe worsening of the weather with rain, snow, thunder and stormy winds, followed by a drastic drop in air temperature.

After an icy morning and temperatures ranging from -10 to -5°C (degrees Celsius), it was -16°C Mt. Kopaonik, Monday is an icy day. The daily highs will range from -2 to 2°C, in Belgrade up to 0°C. During the rest of the week, Serbia and our region will be under the influence of a very strong anticyclone. High values of air pressure are expected, even over 1040 mb, so the weather will be stable, but also cold. Days with frosty mornings are ahead.

It will be very cold in Serbia on Tuesday. Moderate and heavy frost is expected in the morning, and it will be dry and moderately cloudy during the day. Light snow is expected only in the mountains in the southwest of Serbia, but without a significant increase in the snow cover. The morning temperature will range from -12 to -6°C, in Belgrade -7°C, and on higher mountains -15°C. Daily highs will be from -2 to 2°C, in Belgrade up to 0°C. On Wednesday, the weather will be very similar, somewhat cloudier, with very light snow in the west of Serbia.

Clear weather is expected on Thursday and Friday. The mornings will be icy, with minimum temperatures of -12 to -6°C, locally down to -15°C,  and -20°C on the Pester Plataea on Thursday. It will be colder than the previous mornings due to clear skies, so a huge release of air into the atmosphere is expected. The day will be a little warmer, with maximum temperatures of 1 to 5°C, in Belgrade up to 4°C.

Clouds are expected to increase over the weekend, and Sunday will see short spells of heavier rain, sleet and snow, with the wind turning to a strong northwesterly. During the weekend, the morning frost will let up and disappear in many areas, and the maximum temperature will range from 4 to 8°C, in Belgrade up to 6°C.

The average maximum temperature for this time of year is 2-6°C, so it will be below average in the coming days and will return to normal values starting on Friday.

So, the coldest part of this winter so far is ahead of us. According to today's calculations, next week will bring a gradual rise in temperatures and warmer weather.

The Republic Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ) is also warning today that strong morning frosts and icy days are expected in the territory of Serbia from tomorrow until February 10.


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