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New Romania earthquake felt across Serbia: In Novi Sad, people heard "things creaking," then shaking


Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

The earthquake was felt across Serbia

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Novi Sad zemljotres

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A magnitude of 5.8 earthquake hit Romania on Tuesday afternoon, and the tremor was felt in cities throughout Serbia.

As a reader from Novi Sad told us, the furniture was shaking in her home during the earthquake.

"I was afraid my computer would fall off the desk. I was working at the time and it just started shaking," she told us.

"I heard something creaking, I thought someone was in my apartment and when I got up, I saw things swaying, the chandelier was moving left and right. It was really felt strongly," Telegraf.rs learned from another Novi Sad resident.

In Velika Plana, a mother reported that she got very scared, because the crib rocked violently while she was trying to put the baby to sleep.

"I wanted to put Bogdan (the baby) to sleep, and then it shook so much, I was really scared,"the young mother told Telegraf.rs about her experience from Velika Plana.

The latest earthquake in neighboring Romania was also felt in Pancevo and Belgrade, and the locals say that it lasted few seconds.

"I live in an 18-floor building, it wasn't all the same to me on the 6th, I can imagine how everything shook at the top of the building," a distressed Pancevo woman told our portal.


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