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"Hungarians return people from border every day": Djurovic on gravity of migrant crisis, and possible solution


Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

If they are expelled from their home, we can't bring those people back, we just stuck them here and they have to find a way to cross the "fence" and are becoming victims

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Video: Djurovic on gravity of migrant crisis: Hungarians return people to us every day from the border

The executive director of the Asylum Protection Center, Rados Djurovic, was a guest on Tanjug TV, where he spoke about the global problem of migration, how many migrants are in our country, but also where he sees the solution to this problem.

"A large number of people are in Turkey, not only refugees from Syria, there are also refugees from Afghanistan, around 4.6 million registere people. Europe will try to stop migration, but after the earthquake in Turkey, many people were left homeless. I will remind you that only these ten provinces of Turkey, which are the most affected, have 10 million refugees and that people have left those areas," says Djurovic.

People who lost everything are forced to move on because, according to him, they see no option in staying in their country.

"When you don't have heating, electricity and water, you've lost everything, you're forced to leave. The Turkish public does not look kindly on refugees, because according to them they are taking jobs from Turkish citizens are are those who who caused inflation. Certain political parties believe that refugees are stealing while in Turkey. Turkey has a policy of returning refugees from time to time, many have been exiled to Syria and they don not want to go there because of the war."

"Hungarians return people to us every day"

"All these misfortunes encourage them to seek salvation somewhere, no one likes to leave their homeland and home, but they are forced to do so. Europe, that is more peaceful, represents that. We have very reduced capacities, we have the capacity of about 6,000 places and these are places where you cannot lead a normal life, but only enjoy some humane benefits. They are moving on, but those around us say that they will be stopped by us for a while, because they cannot go on," says Djurovic and adds:

"Hungarians return people to us every day, it is a constant situation that is uncertain, and smugglers make the most money from this situation, and we are not ready for these people to stay with us, we cannot integrate them, especially if they are from Africa and Asia."

The only solution are the surrounding countries.

"If they are expelled from their home, we cannot bring those people back, we just stuck them here and they have to find a way to cross the 'fence' and are becoming victims. It is a counter-effectinbr and a consequence of the policy of walls, the political scene is not aware of their needs, they make decisions from the office. Therefore, the narrative for the policy of walls does not give results, the only long-term plan is for the surrounding countries to build shelters," Rados Djurovic told Tanjug.

Video: Police found 182 migrants near Horgos and Srpski Krstur


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