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Telegraf learns: Prosecutor rejected possibility of prosecuting Lessort for attacking Petrusev!


Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

Immediately after the Belgrade basketball derby, someone informed the Prosecutor's Office about the case, but the prosecutor immediately assessed that there were no elements of a criminal offense

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Matijas Lesor, KK Partizan, KK Crvena zvezda, Večiti derbi

Mathias Lessort; Photo: MN Press

The case of Mathias Lessort's attack on Filip Petrusev after the end of the derby had its continuation outside the court. On Wednesday, Petrusev, a Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) basketball player, was at the Belgrade police, where he made a statement regarding this clash with the Partizan basketballer.

As his agent explained, Petrusev went to the police after he was invited by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, noting that he had to respond and that he had no intention of suing Lessort.

In its second statement, Red Star announced the filing of a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor's Office, and on that occasion it was also announced that Petrusev would go to the police to make a statement.

As Telegraf has unofficially learned, the prosecutor is aware of the case, but it was immediately assessed that there are no elements of a criminal offense and that it is a case that can be dealt with by the disciplinary committees of the league or the club.

Red Star has asked the ABA League to suspend Lessort until the end of the season. He is currently in Istanbul, where Partizan is playing an important match against Efes for the Top 8 of the EuroLeague.

Petrusev, on the other hand, is on his way to Spain, where Red Star is facing Barcelona in the 29th round of the EuroLeague. After all the chaos, and the trip to the police because of the clash with Lessort, Petrusev decided to leave social networks.

Video: Lessort attacks Petrusev after the match: Ugly scenes at the derby


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