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One of the Serbs arrested in Kosovo yesterday transferred to hospital in Pristina: He is in serious condition

Vreme čitanja: oko 2 min.

Elezovic is a cancer patient, whose health was jeopardized even before yesterday's arrest

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Kosovska hitna pomoć

Photo: Marko Jovanovic

Ilija Elezovic, who was arrested on Monday by members of the so-called Kosovo police in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, has been transferred to a hospital in Pristina and his health condition is very poor, his defense attorney, Ljubomir Pantovic, told Tanjug.

Elezovic is a cancer patient, whose health was jeopardized even before yesterday's arrest.

"His health deteriorated even more today (Monday), because of that whole situation. So the doctor who came to examine him at the police station in Pristina was very specific, he instructed the police that Elezovic could not be held there any more and that in his opinion, he must be taken to the hospital," said Pantovic, adding that Elezovic was then transferred to a hospital in Pristina.

The Special Prosecutor's Office in Pristina filed an indictment against Elezovic accusing him of an alleged war crime against civilian population.

"On Tuesday, we expect that court to meet in Pristina, because the prosecution will certainly propose that judicial custody be ordered against him, and I believe also against the other two (three Serbs were arrested in Kosovo on Monday). But it is a really big problem for Elezovic, what if the court detains him? I doubt he will be able to have even nearly adequate elementary medical care in any prison in Kosovo, even in that prison in Grdovac near Podujevo, where the conditions are the best," said Pantovic.

The lawyer added that Elezovic is simply not fit for prison, because he is a very sick man.

"Without even going into the criminal aspect, I am convinced that there is nothing there. Although it is still very early to talk about the case, this is just the beginning," Pantovic pointed out.

He added that it remains to be seen what, if any evidence the prosecution has at its disposal.

"However, when it comes to accusations of war crimes in Kosovo, evidence is absolutely not of any importance, something else is at stake. Of course, it is judged according to some other criteria, and not according to evidence, which should be the only thing determining a court's decision," concluded Pantovic.

Ilija Elezovic was arrested on Monday morning in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica.

In addition to Elezovic, the so-called Kosovo police arrested two more Serbs, Dragan Milovic from Zvecan, a former Kosovo police officer, and Zoran Kostic from the village of Priluzje near Obilic.

The Prosecutor's Office in Pristina charges all three with alleged war crimes and has detained them for up to 48 hours.


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