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Parents of Danka (2) face suspects in her murder for the first time: They left prosecutor's without a word

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Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

"What Ivana and I are putting up with all the time is terrible, various people call us, insult us, blame us," says the father of the murder victim Danka

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Milos and Ivana Ilic, the parents of Danka Ilic (2), who has been declared murdered, testified today at the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zajecar.

We have learned that while they were testifying the suspects were sitting in the same room - Srdjan Jankovic and Dejan Dragijevic, workers from the the public company Vodovod from Bor. They are currently in custody for up to 30 days on suspicion of having committed aggravated murder. Radoslav Dragijevic, the father of one of the suspects, is also behind bars.

Before the questioning today, the father of the murdered Danka spoke briefly with Telegraf.rs reporters.

"Death penalty is not enough for them, they should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives. These are monsters, what we are experiencing all the time is indescribable. Only a parent can understand that. The police came to us several times, took Danka's things, we don't know anything, not even about the blood on the road, not in the car, not anything. It's not clear to us why they did not call an ambulance, why they didn't help, but did this.

What Ivana and I are putting up with all the time is terrible, various people call us, insult us, blame us. I had to ask to change the number, we can't take it anymore... When everything is over, we will go to the media and tell everything," Milos Ilic, the father of the brutally murdered girl Danka, told Telegraf.rs.

Danka Ilic was killed on March 26. Her body has not yet been found.


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