The first child has been discovered and there is evidence that it was stolen: A boy born in Krusevac 38 years ago was proclaimed dead, and now he is searching for his parents

People of Belgrade about the professor who slapped a student: Children are rude, parents are badly mannered, and the professors crazed! (VIDEO)

Only a bump, a flick and hit on the behind are allowed: The latest amendments to the Family Law forbids the parents to beat children

There was no goodbye letter, nor did Vasilije (12) kill himself over games: We have found out the terrible truth at the suicide scene (PHOTO)

The parents left him in Belgrade because he is sick... They wished he were dead. Now, he returns to his homeland, and he still says that his mother is wonderful

I am carrying Darko's picture and I wonder if anyone knows about his "dead" twin brother. When I met the person who held him last, I asked her one thing

Family Neskovic crushed over the death of the twin (2) whose live was swept away by a virus: They barely conceived them, and now the sister has the flue (PHOTO)

Dragan inherited a house from his grandpa, but he decided to give it to a family with four children: The humanity of this person has no limits (PHOTO)

Davor was arrested in a car, and Suzana in the street while she was clutching a picture of her dead son: Two scenes that set fire to Banja Luka (VIDEO)

The family of the dead baby Danica crushed with pain: My little thing, our light, and joy. It would be her first birthday last week (PHOTO)

He murdered his wife in front of her parents because she cheated on him, and then he calmly sat down to drink coffee in the middle of the village: A bloody family drama in Macedonia

Are child kidnappers lurking in Nis again, they invite children into cars and offer a ride to school or home? The Facebook post that is scaring parents

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