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As soon as they heard we're from Serbia, Scots broke into nasty song against England captain Harry Kane

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Vreme čitanja: oko 1 min.

Incredible scenes in Munich

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There are definitely no crazier fans than the Scots, as the Telegraf crew had the opportunity to see for themselves on Thursday evening - during a party that the "Tartan Army" created in central Munich!

Although there was probably more alcohol than blood in their veins, the Scots didn't make any incidents, at any time. Moreover, drunk as they were, they were apologizing if they got unsteady on their feet, or had bothered someone in any way.

In addition to the fact that they love their country so much, one gets the clear impression that they at the same time equally hate England.

That's why it's not surprising that their first words - when we mentioned that we are from Serbia (Serbian football team will play against England in the group stage of EURO 2024) - were mostly, "F**k England" while England captain Harry Kane became a particular target.

Well, that's where the Scots crossed the line and spared no insults when it came to the Bayern Munich striker. They made it clear they would be rooting for Serbia on Sunday, and chanted, "Harry Kane's a mongo" - a slur alluding that the footballer is "stupid."

A chant that previously caused a big scandal in the UK was heard as well: "Harry Kane licks the windows on the bus." Another one, that is supposed to refer to him as an intellectually challenged person.


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