Teme: American

She writes novels about true destinies of strong women who believe in love: Her books are bestsellers and they all have an important message (PHOTO)

120 paratroopers jumped from 130 meters: Spectacle on the sky above Kovin (PHOTO)

Serbs in Zakynthos are looking at life imprisonment?

The American has been returning every year for 7 years to live here, he loves taverns, villages, and people: He wants a Serbian woman for his wife and Serbian genes in his family (PHOTO)

American tourists delighted with Bosnia: Nature is gorgeous, everything is clean, and they were fascinated the most by one thing

The American writer reveals the magic of her books: Although we live in different continents, we all enjoy the same stories

Hostess from Zakynthos gave TWO STATEMENTS: The fate of Serbian men depends on the girl who has two versions of the event?

The fight started because of this hostess in which the American lost his life on Zakynthos (PHOTO)

After Serbian hostess, nurse talked about the murder on Zakynthos: 19 blows to the head, these objects were found in his pockets (PHOTO)

HER IRON HEELS OF ATTORNEY are defending two men on Zakynthos: So far she has only won in the courtroom (PHOTO)

Two Serbs released from custody on Zakynthos: First words of happy father Nenad from Nis

LATEST NEWS: Unprecedented detention sentence, year and a half for three Serbs on Zakynthos

Video from the club on Zakynthos where the fight started: This is the moment where American got into fight with the boys (VIDEO)

These three girls could be the key in the investigation on Zakynthos, this is what they did: Everybody missed this detail (VIDEO)

BREAKING NEWS: This is a real footage of the fight on Zakynthos - it is clear who is hitting who! (VIDEO)

Milos defended his sister from the American, he didn't beat him! Grandma Ruza reveals the details of disaster on Zakynthos

"Mom, i am afraid they will send us to USA for the trial": Parents of the arrested young man on Zakynthos without consolation

Tanjug published fake video of the fight on Zakynthos (VIDEO)

American sexually abused two girls from Kragujevac, and then attacked police officers!

American who has been stalking professor Ivancica arrested: She stabbed police officer in the neck, she raged in the car and she cut herself! (VIDEO)

Deranged student has been haunting professor Ivancica: She threatens her children, sends porn messages, and police has a bizarre excuse (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Only in Bosnia: American entered Bosnia and Herzegovina on March 32nd 2017 (VIDEO)

American ambassador leaves his organs to Serbian citizens: Scott signed the donor card

Freddy House contacted us, Grobari's favorite, and he said from Texas: I want to be on Partizan bench, to be new Vujosevic (PHOTO)

American wishes happy New Year to Serbs and explained why he loves us: I will learn your language, i will spend my last days in MOTHER SERBIA (VIDEO)

ESPN chose and explained: Novak's Roland Garros was the most important moment in 2016!

NO VISA FOR DODIK: Americans don't allow the President of Republika Srpska to go to Donald Trump inauguration!

American WENT CRAZY FOR SERBIA, his fiance begs him: This music has to stop!

What does Radonjic say about the potential arrival of Pullen to Red Star?

DO YOU REMEMBER THIS CASE THAT MADE SERBIA LAUGH? This is how Serbian police officer fines American! (VIDEO)