Teme: Animals

Three criminal charges for Stevica who tortures animals, and he can get a miserable sentence of one year in prison (VIDEO)

Dalibor has 1000 sheep and the best farm in Belgrade: You will be left speechless when you see who is his biggest support (VIDEO)

Levijatan is spreading throughout the Balkans: Animal molesters will fear the masked bullies in Croatia as well (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Miki is offering a starting wage of 500 euros for the job on his farm with accommodation and food but no one answers: "They all want to be gentlemen, no one wants to work" (PHOTO)

Nikola, Vlada, and few other people decided to leave everything and to start over again, humbly, in nature, with animals: This is their life now (VIDEO)

This is not New Zealand nor the rainforests of Amazon... This is a hidden treasure of Serbia, and its just 3 hours away from Belgrade! (PHOTO)

Valentina lost her job and she decided to go to the village: She only had 10 euros and she earned for a house and a car in two years. And she has a beautiful life (PHOTO)

Real tropical paradise beach and jungle hidden in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mountain Zavelim has kept fossils of extinct corrals and animals hidden for millions of years (PHOTO)

Professor Milenko knows 100.000 plants: He dedicated his entire life to science and nature, students love him, and he guards rare treasure (VIDEO)

This is the only rainforest in Serbia: Take a look at this gem (VIDEO)

Single father drives three children four hours to school: They live on Velebit with bears and wolves, and that is not the only problem (PHOTO)

The most beautiful sight in Belgrade has nothing to do with snow, IMAGINE THAT! You will be warmed up the moment you see THEM! (PHOTO)

Belgrade Zoo got new residents: Behind these doors you are in for a beautiful surprise (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

DANGEROUS CHASE IN SRBOBRAN: Police are looking for jaguar and monkey, which were hidden somewhere in the city!

Belgrade ZOO is an oasis of peace during the day. We went there by NIGHT and this is what was happening! (VIDEO)

This way of catching stray dogs made Serbia furious! (DISTURBING VIDEO)

A PEDICURE FOR COWS: This man has the most interesting job in Serbia! (PHOTO)

HORRIFYING: In Hungary they feed refugees like animals (VIDEO)

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SERBIAN LOVE STORY: He was courting her, and she beat him up. He waited, and after 6 months she changed her mind (PHOTO)

EERIE: They cut down a centuries-old avenue in Srbobran, BIRDS were falling out of their nests! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)


THE PHOTOGRAPH THAT MADE THE REGION CRY: This dog has been lying next to his dead friend for DAYS (PHOTO)