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Nikola, Vlada, and few other people decided to leave everything and to start over again, humbly, in nature, with animals: This is their life now (VIDEO)

Born in Trieste, 30 years ago, he went to the Architecture college and he was an occasional waiter, and then one day, seven years ago, he decided to change his life

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We don't have the opportunity to hear stories about people who decided to leave their contemporary way of life and the life in an urban environment for some peaceful and isolated. They had everything in life, and then they made decisions they never regretted, because, thanks to them, they managed to change their lifestyles. It's not easy to make this step but all three of them said that their life is much better now, they feel better and they would never return to the old way of life.

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Federico Delise

Federico Delise is a young man, who with his donkey, a dog, sheep, goat, and goatlings travel around the world. While everybody in Croatia is trying to prolong the tourist season, little place Bast under Biokovske rocks managed to do that thanks to the 30-year-old man born in Trieste, Slobodna Dalmacija writes.

Although the man, who was not listed in the system of guests, locals can't be blamed because Federico is sleeping in a cave in the old part of the city. He is set in the middle part of the cave, a goat Bela left of him, and goatlings. Right of him is a donkey Moro. A loyal dog Saj is guarding the entrance, which means "The gift from God" in Hindu.

This unusual team headed from Trieste towards Syria a month ago. The young Italian brought Mora, Saj, sheep and Bela with him, and he received goatlings along the way. The entire team is a part of Federico's pilgrimage mission where he aims to make the world a better place.

Foto: Wikipedia/Kenneth Allen

From Italy, over the island Cresa, Ogulina, and Lika, to Dubac and Brelo, the arrived at the cave Volac in Bast. And he is very well placed there. Instead of one month, he decided to stay three. And then, he decided to head with his traveling caravan towards Bosnia, over Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania... and to reach faraway Syria eventually.

Physically, this unusual man looks like Jesus, according to the Croatian media. Tall, long black curly hair, with a modest, and not so old clothes on him, with his mini version of Noa's Ark. It's no wonder that residents of Bast were shaken when they saw Federico for the first time in a local store, when he bought food for the animals he tied up in front of the door.

- I am here because I am a pilgrim. I started this journey because I want to change my life for the better. The plan is to reach Syria... The man always wants to have more, to drive a better car, to have more TVs, more phones. Precisely because of that, I want to have less - he explains.

Printksin: Youtube/Top Destinations Croatia

The man from Trieste wants to live well, and to succeed in that, he believes that he has to live more humbly and after a role model to some older times. He thinks that Europe is not going to the same direction as him, so he decided that his future is in faraway Syria. 

- People still live there like we used to live many years ago. I am not going to Syria without my animals - Federico said.

He was born in Trieste 30 years ago, where he studied architecture and he was an occasional waiter, and then, he decided to change his life 7 years ago. He lived in India for two years, and then he returned to Italy, Slobodna Dalmacija writes.

However, that wasn't enough for him, so he started his mission to Syria in October of last year. What is particularly interesting is that Federico is a vegetarian.

- I eat only vegetables, fruits, bread, rice, and sometimes eggs and milk - said this young man.

He is getting food by helping in agriculture, olive farms and wood with locals who pay him in food. He doesn't accept money from them.

Printskrin: RTL

- Well, actually, it's better to say that people are helping me, and not the other way around. When I just got there, in my current home, they kept bringing me food, and there was too much of it. I had to say them to stop bringing me because I don't need so much. We agreed that they will call me if they need anything, and, as a gratitude, they will give me some food - humble Federico said.

While most of the people want many things greedily in the world, Delise thought that it was too much to have three pouches of food, instead of one. Now, he is waiting for March to head over to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then to go over the Montenegro mountain tops, where the snow will melt till then. He plans on arriving at the Syrian grounds by next year.

He is not worried about the "situation" there at the moment. He is more "tired" of the bad ecological state, hunger in Africa, and human destruction of the planet. 

Foto: Tanjug / AP

War is nothing, what will we do without water? 

- What is a war in comparison to the future when we will have no drinking water, no clean air or food - Federico said, who is done with bureaucracy, or the doctors, dentists and similar human normal "phenomena".

He got his passport a long time ago, in a past material life he discarded. It is still valid, but he plans on extending it. Even the animals he is taking to Syria with him don't have necessary papers, so he is going with luck. He hopes that the border police will understand his mission and they will allow him to go to the Middle East.

Until the time comes for him to go, he will spend the cold winter nights with the fire in the cave in the old village Bast, reading Bible, New Testament, and similar spiritual books. Despite his reading, the man from Trieste doesn't declare himself as a Catholic. He believes in better life, better world and God who has no name for him, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

Printksin: Youtube/Top Destinations Croatia

- I feel great in Bast, the people are great. They have a lot of grass for the animals and it's not too cold. It's great here, the young man said.

Besides reading the book and caring about animals, Federico is spending his time playing guitar. He is closing his sleeping bag around 21:00 and he wake up with the first sunrise. Most of the people would say that the conditions he lives in are inhumane, but they are entirely normal to him.

He admits that he sometimes thinks he has more than he should have. 

- I want to change my life in this, natural way. People have to learn to live with animals again they need for travel, for work, wor food. We should all return to the way of life a few centuries ago where money was not necessary. Because I simply want to be good for my god and I don't want to be responsible for the suffering of other people - Federico explains the reasons why he started this mission.

You can see more photos HERE, and the video HERE.

Foto: Wikipedia/Mario Žamić

Nikola Boric (41)

Croat Nikola Boric is one of the best world athletic trainers and he left to the woods above the Slavonian village Kokocak where he started building his home. He lives like a hermit, he doesn't want the internet, the electricity, water. His story reached the public in 2015 and he became a real sensation.

Village Kokocak in Nature's Park Papuk, almost doesn't exist on a map. Five people lived in Kokocak until recently. And then, to everyone's amazement, Nikola Boric, one of the world's best athletic coaches, started building his home.

He provoked additional amazement with the statement that he is not planning to get electricity, that he needs no water, no TV, radio, nor other people. However, he surprised everybody when he shared everything he had with his friends. He left just enough for himself to buy the land where he will build his loghouse from natural materials and enjoy his "peace".

He said that he traveled around the world, he has been everywhere with his top athletes and he was always welcomed as a king and he had the best possible accommodation but - he didn't experience that he can drink water from a stream.

While watching the land they offered him for sale, he has spread a net among the trees and he has slept there for days, he knew that he will return. Upon returning to Turkey, where he was the head coach of the athletic national team of the country, he gifted the company to his partner, which was worth a million euros and he is not interested in it anymore.

Nikola Boric reached the pinnacle in the job he did. He said that he has climbed the Mount Everest in athletics, there is nothing more above it, and all the repeats of the same success are no longer interesting to me". 

Nikola brought only his Lada Niva from civilization, and it is impossible to reach his cabin without it, a phone that is falling apart, which he plans on throwing down the stream, and a chainsaw, to clear the woods. While he was working on his cabin, he was sleeping on the bales of hay next to the large barrel which he turned to stove.

His company was a kitten which he simply calls - Kitty.

Foto: Vladimir Grgurić/Glas Slavonije


Vlada Prpic called Prpa (70)

This elderly gentleman is lading his life in accordance with the nature in his home on Velebit. Prpa is a social man, but he likes solitude so he left his home to his son, and then he headed to the nearby hill and the made a new home for himself in the cave. His old home was too close to civilization, and the hill near Dabar Kuk, where he moved, has magical energy and spreads serenity, 24sata.hr writes.

Highlander Prpa wrote two books on Velebit flora and their poisonous snakes. He has his own methods when someone is bitten because he learned that well since he has been bitten over dozen times.

Velebit researcher is often cooperating with various Institutes and colleges, so he is a guide to scientists and an associate whose name often ends up in various publications. 

Prpa was born there, in the village of Prpici, in the family of cattle breeder. He lived in high lands guarding sheep until he was 15. He moved to Zagreb, and he returned to his birth village during the war in the nineties.

He returned to the village for good after the war. He built a wooden house, and since the mountain home burned, people soon started coming to him.

He has warm water in the cave which he heats over the solar panels at the slope of the hill, and he has electricity so he can read late into the night. He can't even imagine how much firewood he spends since the fire never goes out.

Once he even had a visit from a bear, and he said that he is not even thinking about returning to Zagreb. This man found love after some time on Velebit.

Mountaineer Danijela Fasler (64) was fascinated by the wooden homes of the artistic Vlada Prpic (70), but her friends warned her to stay away because he is a "madman dealing with curses". She was just another tourist that needs entertainment, like everybody else. It took them more than a year to realize that they were made for each other and that they want the same thing - the escape from civilization and the life on Velebit like hermits.

Danijela adds that they saw each other once a year, but they weren't together. They talked, hiked, but they never kissed, 24sata.hr writes.

- Then I came with 14 mountaineers in July three years ago. I jumped out of the bus as soon as he opened the door. Prpa was running towards me and I was running towards him. I don't know what happened, but we hugged really tight. He said: "It's nice that you came". He said that I was an awesome woman, that I am the most beautiful, but I turned him down. I told him that I have a husband and children, obligations and that he got a bit carried away. But when I came to Switzerland, I couldn't sleep because of him - Danijela said, who soon returned to him, and the couple was in love like in teenage days.

Then the dark days arrived. Prpa got sich with malign tumor and he chased Danijela away from himself because he wanted to die alone.

"I was in a psychic crisis, nervous and angry, and I signed that I didn't want chemotherapy, radiations nor to go under a knife. I took a gun and I went to die in a mountain, like people used to do. But I felt better from walking.

I walked 160 km with two liters of water and a few cookies. I realized that I can pull through because the key is in the head. I took hemp oil and teas from healing Velebit plants, and I feel healthy. I refused to die and cancer. I have more important things to do, and when I called her again, my Beba returned to me - said Prpa.

(Telegraf.co.uk / A.T.)

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