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Dalibor has 1000 sheep and the best farm in Belgrade: You will be left speechless when you see who is his biggest support (VIDEO)


23 years ago, at the time of "Storm", we came from Benkovac as refugees. It was difficult for us. Initially, we were builders, and then the caterers. This is finally something for our soul

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The property of Nikola Bogunovic (58) was declared the best in the capital this year. A thousand sheep and labs, owned by this worthy host, carelessly graze on a meadow every day next to the military airport in Batajnica.

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Many years of investments and hard work paid off, and he is now taking home the prestigious reward of the city of Belgrade.

- They came from the Ministry commission and the city administration. I am glad that someone recognized the work of my family. I keep the farm going with my sons. Both of my barns are full at this moment: we have 960 sheep and more than 500 lambs - Nikola said.

Bogunovic family have similar property on the brinks of Fruska Gora, and they want to fill up the barns on that farm with goats.

- 23 years ago, at the time of "Storm", we came from Benkovac as refugees. It was difficult for us. Initially, we were builders, and then the caterers. This is finally something for our soul - Nikola said while he is stroking his chin with his blistered hands.

Foto: Printskrin/Youtube

50 hectares of pasture on Fruska Gora 

The main "operative" on the estate is Nikola's son Dalibor (36). He also motivated his father to buy a farm on Fruska Gora mountain and 50 hectares of pasture four years ago. That way he turned completely to agriculture, he spent his money for the top quality cattle.

- I am going around the agriculture fairs around Europe. Last year I bought 17 rams and 28 sheep of "il de France" in Paris. There are two champion rams in our barns and each of them is paid over 5.000 euros - Dalibor said.

It takes 2.800 kilos of hay to feed the animals. Bogunovic family said that they sell over 1000 lambs a year. A part of them is intended for roasting shops, and the certain amount is left for breeding.

The boss Nikola said that animals require a lot of attention, from quality nutrition and veterinary care to running on the meadow every day.

- It is hard finding shepherds. No one wants this job even if it's well paid. I used to bring workers from Batajnica every day when the heard was on Fruska Gora, because no one from the surrounding villages wanted to work as a shepherd - the host said.

Porodica Bogunović/Foto: Printskrin/Youtube


The reward of the city of Belgrade is a confirmation that they are doing a good job and it is another encouragement to expand their capacities.

It is an incredible sight that one dog controls a thousand sheep on an open meadow. Nikola's black dog is doing that with such an ease that dozen people couldn't replace it.

- He is very fast, he knows how to gather sheep. He knows how to control every animal on Fruska Gora, even in woods - Nikola said.

Children are amazed when they see a sheep or a goat, and they like the donkey the most. Nikola and Dalibor Bogunovic like when someone comes to visit. Their favorite guests are children from the local kindergarten.

- Children in the city don't know what a sheep or a goad look like. They are amazed when they see them and they love playing with the donkey - Dalibor said.

Watch the story about this hardworking host:


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