Levijatan is spreading throughout the Balkans: Animal molesters will fear the masked bullies in Croatia as well (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The Leviathan Movement Foundation has been recently registered in Serbia, which, apart from Serbia, will work in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it can be expected that it will soon start working in Slovenia

Pokret "Levijatan" - STOP nasilju nad životinjama
Foto: Facebook/Pokret "Levijatan" - STOP nasilju nad životinjama

A group of boys with masks decided to fight for the rights of animals a few years ago and then called their small family Levijatan (Leviathan). Recently, the Levijatan Foundation has been registered in Serbia, and today the whole Balkan knows about them, and to everyone who thinks that animal abuse can go unpunished, they say one thing - "We'll find you!"

Brutal fighting scenes in Kolasin: A group attacked a boy, there was a girl among the bullies, and everything started with the fight of two families (PHOTO)

The activists from entire region greeted their message with excitement, because, as they say, the world needs someone like that, someone who will send the message to these sadists and crazy animal molesters that they will respond with violence to violence.

A lot has changed for these guys in the past few years since they founded Levijatan, their identity was unknown, and today, they don't have the desire, nor the need, to hide. Many solved cases are just supporting this, where they save the animals from unimaginable conditions.

Foto: Facebook/Pokret "Levijatan" - STOP nasilju nad životinjama

The Leviathan Movement Foundation has been recently registered in Serbia, which, apart from Serbia, will work in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it can be expected that it will soon start working in Slovenia, reports Jutarnji.hr.

- For this year, we decided to work on developing a foundation in Croatia. Our goal is to open regional shelters for dogs in the Balkan countries. We are not asylum and we do not engage in searching a house for them, to clear it up immediately. Of course, we did it and we will continue to do it, but our main mission is to take care of abused animals and pressure the system to comply with the law. Of course, education of people - says Jasminka Herceg, member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, who is in charge of the work of Levijatan in Croatia.

In addition to the shelter, the guys from the Foundation are planning to build a real, small hospital for dogs, where they will treat them and care about them after the surgeries. They want to buy an ambulance for animals, so they can go out on the field and do the most urgent medical procedures during the ride. As they say, they could also carry out the castration of street animals, which would be the only human solution to control the animal population on the streets, for which there is no place in the shelters.

Still, according to the situation, they will have to wait for that kind of vehicle for some time, but they are not losing hope. For now, some injured animals are arriving with cars, and the expenses of the treatments and caring for the animals are presenting the greatest expense.

They will soon invite volunteers to help them in Croatia, because, taking in consideration that the foundation has just been created, and that they still don't have members, the gathering of people is a priority, and the good thing is that a new law came to power in Croatia about protecting the animals which shook the veterinary inspector, because the laws are exactly what these young people use in their work.

- We have good laws and campaigns in Croatia, the rights of the animals are promoted, which is excellent. That is why we will study all the associations in our country and connect with the ones that we think are doing the right thing. We always try to see the bigger picture. Many people expect a lot from us, and we from ourselves, but we took this job very seriously and we are dedicated - Herceg said and adds that there is a lot of work to do in every case of animal abuse, which is almost invisible for the public.

As he said, from the moment when someone reports that there has been animal abuse to the moment they are rescued from the hands of the abuser, the entire day passes. And only when the animal is taken, the real battle begins to sanction the abuser. The perpetrator must answer for his crimes, always, with no exceptions. That is why there are 45 people in the team of Levijatan who think about everything - lawyers, vets, bankers, web designers, marketing experts...

- We are doing everything by ourselves, and we are financing most of the things we do. When we registered the foundation, we opened an account where people can help us if they want, to give donations, but we will still finance ourselves. People from entire Europe are calling us and it is incredible how much they follow our work. This kind of work is no familiar in Europe, we are interesting news.

The guys from Levijatan were very direct and loud from the very start and that secured fans with animal lovers but also got them into trouble with someone else. They were reported to the police, their profiles on social networks were disabled, there were rumors that they are connected with the Serbian underground. But, none of this could harm them. They returned to social networks, they explained the real situation to the reporters, and the police never found anything illegal in the way they work.

As they said, until the molesters feel the same fear the animal feels from they, they won't learn their lesson. 

Are they violent, no. Or at least there are no proofs of that. Many have doubts of course because the fact is that the results are great. Every time they visit someone to talk to them and to explain that what they are doing is wrong, that person doesn't repeat the same thing.

The list of dogs they saved is very long. They've lost some, because they died due to serious injuries and the diseases that weren't treated in a long time. They published a video for each of them explaining the details of the case, and so the people knew who is responsible for these horrors.

In the meantime, many dogs went through the homes of the volunteers.

Pavle Bihali, the founder of Levijatan, who was considered to be the leader of the moment until the foundation was founded, was often in conflict with the media, and the state as well, however, he never gave up.

- We first gathered around the idea that was pure and guided by our love for dogs. That public protection we provided to endangered animals started an avalanche that is named foundation "Levijatan Movement", it has a lot of sympathizers from the entire region - Bihali said and adds that they became famous for accepting the hardest cases, and they subject the molesters to "specific kind of education".


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