Teme: Bizarre

The driver of the 92 bus stopped and said that a wanted person is on the bus, everybody should sit still until the police arrive: Drama in Belgrade transport (PHOTO)

We have found the clumsiest Serbian vandal: He was smashing everything with his friends around the city, and the cameras recorded his embarrassment (VIDEO)

"So what if Milojko (74) can be my grandpa, we are connected emotionally and sexually": Miljana and Milojko are in love (PHOTO)

Aquarium in a cafe in Montenegro exploded due to one tiny detail: It is important that the people are alive and well (VIDEO)

Suicide game arrived near Serbia? Parents from Bosnia and Herzegovina fear for their children (PHOTO)

Children in a school "buried" a friend, they drew obituaries and held pens instead of candles in elementary school (PHOTO)

An angry Croat demolished a city bus: Glass was flying all over the place while passengers were locked inside (VIDEO)

People of Split in wonder: A bizarre roundabout dawned in the center of the city and everybody is making fun of it (PHOTO)

A bizarre creature shocked people of Nis after the rain: They claim that the monster moved its hands, and some suspects it an - alien! (PHOTO)

A Croat sunbathed naked on a balcony and a neighbor found that disturbing. If she repeats that - a 100 euros fine

The event that discussed the region: A man from Bosnia and Herzegovina raped a goat

Mysterious downhill on the Serbian mountain, where due to the proximity Djavolja Varos, the water is flowing uphill (VIDEO)

SERB THE GENIUS: He sold an egg cardboard, you will be amazed when you see how! (PHOTO)

A movie-like scene on Zemun: The driver of "Alfa Romeo" wanted to go to the tanning with his car? (PHOTO)

"Summer in a Serbian way in Ibiza": Montenegrin is playing gusle to his girls on the yacht, they are dancing and touching themselves (VIDEO)

He robbed her house and kissed her while she was asleep: Top 7 most hilarious thefts in Sumadija from 2007 to 2017 (PHOTO)

Stop the internet, we have a winner of 2018! Is this man from Zagreb for REAL?! (VIDEO)

A young man from Kosovo recognized himself in a childhood photo of his fiancee, and they didn't know each other. Destiny connected them in Montenegro (PHOTO)

Damir walked into a cafe, he complained that he was cold and he collapsed to the flood. His heart stopped working, forever, and the party just continued

Bosnian in the United States committed a robbery: They easily found him using one detail and now he is waiting for prison!

Wild Boar is chasing people in Novi Sad: Chaos on the streets, people in panic, the video has traveled around the region! (VIDEO)

Like in a craziest movie: He escaped the prison, he saw what was going on in Zadar, he returned and he begged the guards to take him back

A couple from Belgrade ended up in a pool of blood because of sex: Doctors tried to take out the spring out of the lady's buttocks early in the morning!

SHE WAS STUCK IN A WELL FOR 13 HOURS IN BELGRADE: Woman (61) went to her neighbor using a shortcut and fell down a hole. That is the moment the drama began

Croat got a vibrator stuck in his anus, it was vibrating the entire day: His wife called for a doctor, and they were speechless when they heard the entire story!

Bizarre funeral at the Adriatic beach: People in black came down by the sea and everybody thought they were performing a forbidden ritual!

He saw a completely naked man, and he thought he was a maniac: When he heard the story of a man without clothes, he just said one thing (PHOTO)

Bizarre accident in Macedonia: He was run over by a tractor, then he called for the Emergency Ambulance, and then he died

Cursed Adriatic island claimed another victim: Mysterious deaths occurred there, and another tragedy happened yesterday

American woman raged in Zagreb: She attacked the policeman with a knife, and she terrorized the students and professors on Faculty of Philology