There is no one to bury a mother and a son: Milos' father drowned and mother has been handicapped for 15 years, he complained that it was hard, so he committed a crime

I don't know how we didn't notice that he needed help, said his friend

Nothing suggested that he could commit such a crime. He complained to me 20 days ago that he is having a rough time, but it will be better. Nothing showed that he was so desperate - said the friend of Milos Draskovic (43) for Alo, who was found dead on Saturday morning with his handicapped mother, the former judge of the District Court in Belgrade, in their apartment in the Belgrade municipality Zvezdara. 

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She reveals that Milos confined to her that it wasn't easy for him, but he turned everything to joke.

- Those are the situations when you are complaining to your friends that it is hard for you, but nothing pointed out that he was suicidalHe was probably depressed, but no one understood how much. I don't know how we didn't notice that he needed help. It looks like that he simply wanted to go but he didn't want to leave his mother behind - said Milos' friend who wanted to remain anonymous.

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She emphasizes that Milos was a wonderful man and a friend in any way, educated and literate. 

- A lovely soul. I am shocked! I don't know where he has found a gun?! I don't know if there is anyone to bury them - said the friend of Milos Draskovic.

She said that Dobrila suffered an accident 15 years ago, and she remained handicapped ever since.

- I remember that she had to be carried to her apartment. They didn't have many friends among the neighbors, and Milos dedicated his time to nurture her because they lived alone - said one of the tenants.

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The late Dobrila worked for a long time as a judge of the First Basic Court, and then in District court in Belgrade. The lawyer Momir Bulatovic said for "Alo!" that he worked with Dobrila during the eighties.

- I remember her as a correct judge, as the entire group of people from that period - Bulatovic told us.

As "Alo!" finds out, Dobrila worked from 1981 to 1991 as a judge in the first Basic Court, and then she went to the District Court. She retired after the accident. 

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She has lost her husband early, he died on the river, where he owned a raft. Although Dobrila and Milos said that he drowned, there is an official story that he killed himself.

The bodies of Dobrila and Milos are in such a terrible condition that it is hard to determine how the tragedy happened.

The autopsy should be performed. Dobila's body was lying on the bed. Her body was in such a terrible state of decay while Milos was in his room with a bullet wound on his head, and the gun was between his legs.

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