"Remember, daddy wasn't here": Before escaping, Goran threatened his sons. The younger boy hasn't spoken yet due to trauma

"Mom, mom, I want mom", resonated throughout the house while step-father beat the girl (3) till she died, and then everything was silent

Tragedy in Belgrade: A dead woman found in an apartment, her husband lying next to her with a knife by his side

We have asked Djokovic what he needs to win the French Open, and we received three most important advice about life!

Exclusive video! Pristina special forces are taking the arrested Serb to Pristina (PHOTO)

Some say that those are just "doodles", but they are turning the gray into color: These artists want to turn Belgrade into the capital of murals

10 members of ROSU against 1 Serb: New footage of arrests in Bosnjacka Mahala (VIDEO)

The little girl (3) allegedly fell off a terrace at 4 AM: The parents will go before the prosecution due to the suspicion that they committed domestic violence (PHOTO)

Arrests on Kosovo: ROSU arrested six Serbs, members of Kosovo Police (VIDEO)

Satellite images of the sacred Serbian mountain Pastrik: The battlefield of the second-largest battle in 1999 today looks like a "Moon's surface"

Goran Jankovic arrested, suspected of a triple murder in Novi Sad: He hit his wife and her parents with a hammer until death

A wall collapsed in the center of Belgrade, a worker lost his life: The doctors fought to keep him alive but he succumbed to injuries

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