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Faith in humanity lost: Unconscious man is drunk all the time, and his mother is the first one who ignores him? (VIDEO)


He was spotted by people from a local barber shop, one of them approached him and lifted him up

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A man from Belgrade saw another man lying in the ground in the lawn of a nearby building, and a lot more people who were passing him, not stopping for a second to see if he needs any help.

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He was too far to help him at that moment, and when he saw that neighbors are literally skipping him over, he decided to record everything with a camera.

While a man is lying unconscious in front of the building, he was first ignored by a woman neighbor, and then by another one. Both of them entered the building, without even looking at him, and without any guilt.

Čovek se onesvestio u Beogradu

Printskrin: Youtube/Auto-otpad Kidi

After some time, there is a third man, who just walked by the misfortunate man. Then a man in a white shirt passes by, he just ran by the man on the ground, and then a few seconds later there is a woman who almost tripped on him, but that wasn't enough to stop and to help him.

He was spotted by people from a local barber shop, one of them approached him and lifted him up, he helped him on his feet and took him to the entrance of the building where people helped him to climb the stairs. One of them, Karlo Zagorac, explained on his Facebook profile why was he jumped over by a woman who passed next to him.

- In the first minute, the neighbor who skipped him is actually a mother skipping her drunk son. This is our everyday life, he is not the victim, his parents are the victims of their son, who is killing himself, and them as well, slowly and painfully, all the neighbors in that entrance know that. Alcohol and medications, he is heavy to lift, he often has bruises on his head, state of delirium. Unfortunately, that is the truth, it is easy to talk trash against people of Belgrade - wrote the famous barber and added:

- I would like to comment on a girl carrying a dog in her bag, the dog is disabled and he is going everywhere with his owner like that, we call him Gile the Champion. Everything is not as it seems, the guy who has arrows pointing at him is our Milance who called the colleagues to take him home - wrote Zagorac.


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