Cubans have traveled half a world for love: Exotic girls are enjoying in Loznica, and the story behind it is insane!

You listen to their hit every day on the radio, and you don't know who it is: He answered some of our crazy questions (VIDEO)

Everybody would like him for a godfather: Herzegovian played the "first dance", guests were dying of laughter (VIDEO)

Serbs and Bosniaks from Srebrenica with a trumpets celebrated the end of school: They showed love and unity, and sent a strong message to politicians (PHOTO)

Graduates, we are proud of you: Youth danced in forty cities in Serbia today at noon (VIDEO)

Confession of prostitute Marina from Belgrade who worked in Croatia: First, they buy us couple of cocktails, and then i go to a room for 150 euros per hour!

Girls in Belgrade tram delighted passengers: At first they were peaceful, and then the party started! (VIDEO)

Serbs are the best hosts in the world: When people from Nis see foreigners, they can't wait to teach them how to dance. And it looks like this (VIDEO)

History will be made on March 24th on the Republic Square: Belgrade will send the most beautiful picture of Serbia to the whole world (PHOTO)

The secret of Trump and Melania dance: While they were dancing, he put his hand lower towards her behind, and this move reveals real truth about them (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Long jump "Olympics: Thunderous laughs and tremorous fun on the "ski jump" at Bihac (VIDEO)

CRAZY PARTY ON MECAVNIK: This is how guests are having fun on Kustendorf (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

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