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Long jump "Olympics: Thunderous laughs and tremorous fun on the "ski jump" at Bihac (VIDEO)

Competition in ski jumping has been organized for 13 years in a row

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Ski jumpers amateurs from Vikic in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the proof that not everyone have to be in sports and to win a medal to be planetary known. Little place near Bihac with around 1.000 residents won't give birth to new Matti Nykanen, but why not, you never know... 

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Competition in ski jumping has been organized for 13 years in a row. The organizers have provided prizes for the first, second and third place. Jumpers have improvised runway from which they can jump "sky high". Many of them "landed" on the butt, and some dropped their skis before they even touched the ground.

Printskrin: Youtube/ABC TV

Printskrin: Youtube/ABC TV

The distance competitor "flies" is seriously measured with the meter, drawn by the track, and there are few guys with shovels that are taking care of the snow. People would get high marks for sure, but only in case the funny body positions are counted and waving of hands through the air.

It all reminds of the winter fair. Word buffet is written on the snow in spray, you can eat and warm up there, and people there, who have gathered in considerable numbers, sometimes dance "kolo", there is no better way to warm up. Host of the program is also announcer and a competitor, but all in all, the most important is the fun.


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