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Serbs and Croats sang and threw a party together, with Kolo and accordion, both flags were waving, and then the song "Djurdjevdan" started (VIDEO)

The videos left many people speechless, "with a happy heart and a hidden tear in the eye"

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On the Facebook page of cultural and artistic society Abrasevic from Pancevo, two videos were published, and the videos amazed everybody, because, as it is said, "these two videos speak more than words".

The slogan "Ready for Homeland" declared unconstitutional: It can be used only in THESE situations

The ensemble from Croatia spontaneously joined the enable Abrasevic during the song. They sang "Djurdjevdan" and "Lipe Cvatu" (from Bijelo Dugme), and there were also some "folk" songs, Miljacka, Miroslav Ilic. And where is a song, there is often the dance.


"I especially dedicate them to politicians. This is one of many lessons you should learn from this youth", stated with the video.

The Italians were passing by and they asked: "Serbs and Croats, singing together?"

The videos left many people speechless, and we can read the comments: "with a dancing heart and with a hidden tear in their eye", "lovely, it feels warm around the heart", "folklore and young people are in front of all of the stupidity that happened in these areas", "share this post so everyone can see what is love"...

Watch this videos:


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